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4 – H is Incredible for Incredible Changers for a Better Tomorrow!

4-H Illini Summer Academy Camp, Photo by Timothy Johnston, Jr.

It has been my distinct pleasure to work with the 4-H Illini Summer Camp Academy this year! I got to meet and work with 13 awesome students who are truly kind, respectful, caring, incredibly skilled and intelligent in my Journalism session. I am so proud of them.

Photo by Tim Johnston

In three days, they wrote, reported, shot, edited, and published a news blog/news article that covers a variety of subjects.

Photo by Tim Johnston, Jr.

Photo by Tim Johnston, Jr.

Their pictures are really good and I think they did a wonderful job. You can take a look at their work by clicking here. In addition to their stories, they were also encouraged to share their “Voice” throughout the sessions and each activity. Using Active Centralized Empowerment, everyone’s voice is important and included.

With the pledge of Clear Thinking, Greater Loyalty, Greater Service, and better Health to Club, County, Community and World within their hearts, I know that they will change the world for the better. I will remember each one of them. Thank you.





Join 4-H to learn college life at the University of Illinois!

Joining 4-H and touring the campus.

By-Sher lei

                             Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live on campus? Are you afraid that you won’t fit in with other college students or get any friends? Do you ever wonder what kind of  things you will do when you get to college? I’m not a college student but I ask these question in my head because I’m part of 4-H. Not only did I ask the questions, I took the pictures.

This is the picture of the Quad and the building to the far left is follinger Auditorium.

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What’s It’s Like to Attend U of I – Kayla Mingus

What to do Around the Campus.


Photo by Kayla Mingus.

Searching for a fun college to attend? Worried about what to do during your free time between classes? Wondering what the classes will be like and if you’ll have any free time (you will!)? During my stay on the U of I campus I have found the answers to these questions.


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Illini Summer Academies By Jazmine Hall

Connecting 4-H’ers while providing college experience

Illini Summer Academies Sign serves as directions for 4-H’ers. Photo by Jazmine Hall

Every year in late June, 4-H’ers travel to Champaign, Illinois for the Illini Summer academies. Not only is the Illini summer academies a way for teenagers to experience campus life at UIUC, it is also a way to unite 4-H’ers for an epic week of exchanging … as well as building 4-H memories. Continue reading

The University Of Illinois, Your Home Away From Home!

“The University Of Illinois, Your Home Away From Home!”

By Timothy Johnston Jr.

Main Quad Photo by Tim Johnston Jr.

One of the reasons the students love to return!

As the school year comes to an end, the students are excited to return to the University Of Illinois in the fall. They love many things about this University; including: the beautiful scenery, the very friendly staff, the variety of place to go.  Continue reading

We Are Grateful for Green Street! – Robionne Williams

How do you spend your free time on campus?

Photo By: Robionne W.

Ever heard from an elder or a parent to “use your time wisely?”

Time is precious, so use it while you can. Colleagues from all around U of I in Champaign spend most of their summer days studying. But what happens when you are not studying or you’re not in a natural learning environment?

Photo By: Robionne W.
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The Generation Gap, Closed – Colby Phipps

It’s obvious that generations have very strong opinions about each other, but what really is the difference between Millennials and Baby Boomers? Is it different morals? Different ways of thinking? Is it that one generation thinks that the only way to do things is the way that they do it? I talked with both Millennials and Baby Boomers to get their opinion on whether or not they think the “other side” had/has it any better.

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What’s the True Value of a College Education – Sophie Schneblin

photo by: Sophie Schneblin

Does a College Degree always Equal Success?

I believe that all people are equal in all ways, and that we all have purpose. I think that everyone will hit tough times and that impacts us, but we shouldn’t discriminate based on financial standings or race. Often times people make assumptions that with no college degree you won’t get very far in life. Though only 6.7% of the world actually hold a college degree. Lots of people we think of as intelligent scholars actually don’t have there degrees, for many different reasons. For example, Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, had to drop out due to financial issues. TV star, author, and entrepreneur, Rachel Ray, didn’t attend college or culinary school, but does have a net worth of $60 million. Talking to people who may not be financially stable, with there views if very interesting because their view is very raw, they see how bad the world can really be. I talked to many different people, of different social standings to get many different perspective. Continue reading