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The beginning class of multimedia for the great students at the great University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana with Professor Collins!

There and Back Again

My Journey as a Journalist Through Multimedia

Coming into Multimedia, I had a lot of knowledge under my belt. I had already completed TV1 and TV2, I had been at WPGU 1071 for 6 semesters, and I was done with all of my other journalism classes. When I started, everything was slow to me. I already knew how to edit video, I was proficient with Final Cut Pro, and at that point, I wished that I had taken the class earlier.

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Becoming a Modern Day Journalist

Learning to Be a Well-Rounded Journalist 

Over winter break this past year, I had the pleasure of meeting with a long-time WGN broadcaster, Dave Eanet. Eanet has been a broadcaster for Northwestern athletes and the Chicago Cubs for a little under 20 years. One piece of advice that really stuck with me was that to be a successful modern day journalist you can’t just have one set of skills. He said you can’t only be a good writer, or only know how to video edit. With all the multimedia today, you need to have knowledge on how to edit, write, produce, etc. your segments. The goal of this course was similar to what he said. Coming into this class I was a bit nervous because I had a very limited knowledge on how to use my camera, edit, or write a well-scripted package. Thanks to our last eight assignments and instruction over the past few months that nervousness has gone away.

WGN Broadcaster Dave Eanet gave similar advice as Professor Collins on how to be a successful journalist in today's culture.

WGN Broadcaster Dave Eanet gave similar advice as Professor Collins on how to be a successful journalist in today’s culture.










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My Journey Through Multimedia

Going into this class I was very nervous. Doing print journalism for three and a half years, then going into a broadcast class was very intimidating at first, but after the first few projects I felt like I was able to get the hang of it. It took a lot of creativity and criticism, but in the end I improved and gained many skills that will be helpful throughout my career.


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Taking A Step Back

As a graduating senior in news-editorial journalism, I have to say this class has been different than anything I’ve taken before. I’m really glad we are required to take this class alongside broadcast majors because it taught me how to use my voice and my eye in addition to my writing. Each assignment taught me something different about myself and the way I approach my storytelling.


It’s a good time to stop and reflect on the semester.

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The Explorer’s Guide to J410: Tips, Tricks and Advice for Success

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.25.36 PMIt is difficult to believe that I have made it through all 8 assignments. It is even more difficult to believe that I made it through without failing the course.

I entered this course with absolutely ZERO experience. I am a history major with an interest in journalism. I didn’t know what Final Cut was and I had never worked with a “professional” camera before. I considered my iPhone camera pretty professional, but alas, I know things now.

I offer this explorer’s guide as a testament that anyone, I mean ANYONE can be successful in this class. So, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

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Going beyond the written word: My multimedia journey

It has been only three months since the semester’s start, but I have learned more about filming and editing in these few months than I ever have before.

unnamedI came into this class with limited experience using a camera and a lack of confidence in audio and video reporting. I would shudder at the thought of recording myself for a voice-over narration. I had never used Final Cut Pro. I only vaguely recognized what “NATsound,” “soundbite” and “lower third” meant. And that made me anxious that I would struggle through this class.

But, eight assignments later, I can say I had a much more positive experience with multimedia reporting than I had anticipated.

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Taking the Polar Plunge

Courtesy of Special Olympic Website

Courtesy of Special Olympic Website


Thanks to the dedication and generosity of over 7,300 participants, The Polar Plunge 2014 fundraiser was a huge success. With 20 events being held at lakes across Illinois, participants were about to raise over 2 million dollars for the Illinois Special Olympics.

What is the Polar Plunge? People ask family and friends to sponsor them and in return they must take the “plunge” and dive into a lake with it’s freezing winter temperatures. Many people who take the plunge come back annually, since it benefits such a great cause. It is fun too: many people dress up in costumes which proves to be very entertaining.

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Raising Cold Cash for a Good Cause

I had never heard of the Polar Plunge before, but by the end of this assignment I was pleasantly surprised by how cool of an event this is. It seems like it would be a lot of fun and a great cause. I kind of want to go out and shoot the next one that comes to town now!


Polar Plungers get very creative with their costumes, it’s just more fun that way!

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My Multimedia Journey…







Wow… what a journey it has been since the start of our multimedia class this semester. I remember feeling so overwhelmed the first day of class. I had no idea what to expect, and I remember looking at the previous class’s page and thinking that there was no way that I was going to get through all eight assignments. I left the class with a bag full of equipment, a list of additional equipment to buy and Assignment One hanging over my head. Looking back, I am proud how much I’ve improved and learned in one short semester. Little by little my videos progressed and I gained more confidence in my shooting and editing abilities. With that being said, here is a look back at all eight of my multimedia assignments:

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Adventures in Multimedia: The End of a Journey

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 4.40.04 PM

This Canon became my best friend for the semester! | Photo taken with Instagram

The Best (Class) I Ever Had
Life is a process of trials and tribulations, and with each challenge presented, you grow from the lessons learned.

Likewise, my time in multimedia has been incredibly worthwhile. Not only did I learn the basics of shooting, editing and writing for multimedia, but I also was able to go through this journey with encouraging and talented classmates.

Before I get all sentimental, let’s rewind to the beginning.
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