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My Journey Through Uncharted Waters: A Semester of Multimedia

Multimedia journalism was never something I thought I would be interested in but after taking Professor Collins’ J410 class, I challenged myself and now have a handful of new skills I can impress my future employer with one day. This is my journey through the ups and downs of finding those skills.

I remember walking out of the classroom after the first day of J410, I was incredibly anxious about the semester to come and I really did not know if I had it in me to succeed in this class. I had never worked with multimedia before so I knew this semester would be a challenge but I knew that I would learn a lot that would help me with my future career. Continue reading

Ah, What a Learning Experience


Here’s a detailed summary chronicling my journalism 410 experience; an experience that transformed from struggle to success. 

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I am the last thing from technology savvy (I am a news-ed major after all) and before this class I may have even been technological challenged. I am admittedly one of those people who pick up a device and completely ignore the instructions that come along with it, but I am more than aware that multimedia is growing more and more significant and prominent. Taking 410 has honestly been one of the most rewarding classes I have taken at U of I and I am thankful that I can continue to use the knowledge I’ve gained to further propel my journalism experience and personal creativity.

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Multimedia Memories: A Glimpse of the Future

Photo taken from google images.

Photo taken from google images.

Walk with me through my experience as a student in Professor Collins’ Multimedia Journalism class where I discovered new and honed existing skills. 

Day one of Multimedia Journalism 410 with Professor Collins was not the first time I had set foot in the multimedia lab. I remember back in March of 2012 when I came to the University of Illinois for Mediapalooza as a prospective student. It was in this lab, as I completed a fast-paced task involving iPad apps, that I decided to apply to the media college. Continue reading

Illini football Seniors


This is the last video project that I did for class and I must say, I had a blast doing it. For one because I made the trip to Indiana to catch the game and get footage from another state from the other “Memorial Stadium.” While the editing was difficult, overall the piece turned out well. Some of the videos are a little shaky because it was hard to get good shots at practice, but hardly noticeable. This is the first time that I did voiceover so a little excited about that. Let’s see if I put all the pieces together in the multimedia puzzle.

Delta Zeta celebrates a contest win with Victoria’s Secret PINK

After winning a Facebook contest, the ladies of Delta Zeta were treated to a party thrown just for them.

Countless hours of sharing a picture on Facebook, texting friends and family, and even hounding famous Delta Zeta alums, UIUC’s Delta Zeta won a free PINK party from Victoria’s Secret1458479_554205647987606_2053666576_n

At this party, there were many activities, including “PINK Pong” and a raffle. It was a fun environment, with a lot to do and upbeat music playing. I thought this would be a great event to film because there was so much going on. I think I ended up getting some good footage and natural sound with the balls bouncing off the cups and girls celebrating.

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“Something like Family with A Cappella”

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 11.54.02 AM

An Inside look at the heart of the Illinois Rip Chords

The Illinois Rip Chords have become something like a family during their hours of practice and countless other personal experiences. For my project, I wanted to capture the love that they have for one another and for their music.

I began by taking videos of their sold out show called Aca-Toberfest that they participated in a few weeks ago. I began with this clip to set up the story in a glamourous light. I wanted to show the contrast between what people see and what really goes on behind the scenes at a practice.

The girls were kind enough to let me take videos of one of their practices and interview three of their members.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 11.54.43 AMThe overarching theme of passion for music and love for one another ran through each interview. I was especially touched by the emotion I found from senior, Samantha Victor. I think that viewers will feel, in their own hearts, just how much she will miss the Rips as she graduates this year.

Overall, I am proud of my work and I truly enjoyed getting to spend time with such an interesting group of young woman.

Left in the Cold

As the students at U of I are worried about essays, projects, and finals as the end of the semester quickly approaches, a shocking new crime statistic is giving them something else to be worried about. This string of recent car theft on campus the last month is raising questions to why the recent increase? This increase is strangely perpendicular to the increase in bicycle thefts that occurred in the summer. Is there some type of correlation to this number or is it just a coincidence? Whatever the case maybe be local police are trying crack down on these offenses and have advised that if you have been the victim of a robbery call 911 immediately, but if you have information pertaining to a robbery contact the number below.


Illini Closet Recycle Partners with Financial Wellness Center

Students Recycle Old Clothes and Manage Money 

Messy closet overfilled with clothes

Closets in college dorms and apartments are small enough already–why not make a little more room while getting some cash?

This past Saturday, the University’s Financial Wellness Center organized Illini Closet Recycle at the ARC. Illini Closet Recycle was inspired by the Champaign Closet Recycle Facebook group. The group allows students to post their clothes and make connections with other people who want to buy their clothes.

Experts from the Financial Wellness Center, as well as a seller and student at the event, talk about how students can make financially sound decisions on campus.

Let’s Fuse Tonight

 UIUC’S 3rd Annual Fusion Stroll Competitio


This past Saturday, November 9th, UIUC’s BNAAC and La Casa hosted their third annual Fusion Stroll competition in Foellinger Auditorium. This dance competition combines various cultures through synchronized movement and music. There were over 10 Greek organizations that performed in front of a packed audience.

Rory James, both host and African-American Cultural Center Director, and his staff created the Fusion Stroll 3 years ago in hopes of merging both Latin and African-American cultures. Now, in its 3rd year, the Fusion stroll has successfully reached out to not only just minority Greek organizations, but Greek organizations from every walk of life.

Fraternity Phi Beta Sigma took home the award winning trophy this year, and shared the second place trophy with sorority Sigma Delta Tau. Check out this year’s Fusion Stroll highlights and maybe even pick up some new dance moves 🙂