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Self-Reflection Final: By Patrick Sullivan

Final Self-Reflection

Before I dive into the actual reflection on all the work I did this semester, I want to say how truly grateful I am for getting to be your student this semester. I took me too long to realize how lucky we all were to have you for your one semester at KU, and I just wanted to preface my reflection with a HUGE thank you.

Video Essay: “Ball Park”

Now that the semester has come to an end, I can say that this was my favorite project. I loved the creativity that you let us have with it. You basically gave us no instruction other than that the finished product needed to have a beginning, middle and end. I typically struggle with coming up with ideas quickly, but this idea came to me relatively quickly.

I came into KU with a double major in Film (and Finance), which is why this project probably was probably my favorite. However, I quickly learned that I wasn’t getting everything out I wanted out of the film major and switched it over to journalism my sophomore year. That being said, I really enjoyed getting to work on this project.

VO and VOSOTVO 1: Captiva Show and Song Release

This was one of those project where it took me much longer to find out what I wanted to do, and I basically sat there twiddling my thumbs until this somehow came to be my idea. I think I struggled with this at first since this was our first set of VOs and VOSOTVOs, but it turned out okay for the short amount of time I actually worked on it.

I am a little bummed with the final project because I was supposed to interview the whole band and go to their band practice, but all-in-all it was okay.

VO and VOSOTVO 2: Video Game Takeover

I thought this was one of my better ideas for a story, but I just couldn’t quite make it turn out how I wanted. Looking back, I probably could have gotten some better film of the actual game and done a better job explaining what exactly the game is. I had a decent variety of medium and tight shots, but basically did not have a wide, establishing shot. I also noticed that I didn’t “say it, see it” when I mentioned the title of the game. I was really pleased with my interview. Murray, the guy I interviewed, was clearly very passionate about the game and gave me some very good soundbites. It was actually hard to select one to use because there were about four or five that I liked.

VO 3: Out of Hand Art | VOSOTVO 3: KU Lacrosse Brand Identity

For my VO on Out of Hand Art, it was just almost too easy doing a story on Tom Babb. After becoming a quadriplegic his freshman year of college, he has accomplished more than nearly anyone I know in college. He is truly an incredible story and this small part of his life is just a great story to see.

For my VOSOTVO, I knew I wanted to do a story on the KU lacrosse team because they have been gaining traction over the years I’ve been here, but I just didn’t know quite what yet. I interview the president of the team, David O’Hara, and he gave me a great interview. My original idea of doing the story on the team growing evolved into why the team has seen so much growth, and it was pretty much due to the brand identity created by O’Hara. I think this piece turned out pretty nice, but I would have liked to have some footage of their practices or games shot.

Package 1: KU Lacrosse Expansion

After doing my last VOSOTVO on the lacrosse team, I knew there was a bigger story there and I wanted to focus my package on it. I worked on the package with Tyler, and we work very well together as a team. We pretty much just see eye to eye on what we want things to look like. We went out to the team’s practice together, shot some footage, interviewed a few players and got this thing thrown together with almost no hiccups. I am really pleased with how this turned out. The only thing I would have changed if I could redo it was my script. I feel like it wasn’t incredibly conversational and I could have had some more fun with it.

Package 2: State of IFC

This was another project that I had a hard time coming up with an idea for. I was really swamped at this point in the semester with all of my other classes and I kind of put it off too long. Frankly, it turned out better than I thought it was going to but I still wan’t very pleased with it. I would’ve liked to have an interview with someone from an opposing viewpoint but the only interview I had scheduled from that side canceled on me and I just didn’t have a plan B in place. I also think I could have shot some better B-Roll for this project. I got some nice shots of the fraternities on campus but I would have liked to have some actual footage of the hearing that took place for these four students. This was probably the project that I would like to have back the most.

Final Newsbreak

I previously said that the Video Essay was my favorite project, but I lied. This was definitely my favorite project of the semester. It was basically everything we had been working towards all semester, and it came down to one final newsbreak. I really wish we could have gotten to this point a little bit earlier so we could have done more than two of them, but I understand this is a process. Other than my final package, which I said I wasn’t too stoked about, I think this newsbreak went really well. I landed on 3:30 on both of my newsbreaks and felt really good with how they turned out. It was my first time being on camera in that studio and I felt really comfortable up there. I think I could have done a little bit better with ad libbing when I had to close up the show, but I know that will come with practice.

Thank you again for an awesome semester, and I hope our paths cross again at some point! Have a great summer!

-Patrick Sullivan


For the first assignment we did was the video essay. I thought this would be a fun easy topic to cover because I had a lot of thins going on in my personal life or a lot of things were happening around campus that I thought it would be easy to catch on camera. When I decided to do the topics of Rock Chalk Revue during rehearsal I was so excited to film. However, I learned that it was not such an easy process. I learned that you really have to move with the camera to get those “golden shots.”

For our VOSOTVOs these videos have probably been the most difficult for me to accomplish. The reason I say this is because for starters I have never made a full news package before. After being assigned one almost every week you really had to look around and see what was newsworthy. This was probably the hardest part because once you found something that is news worthy, then you had to schedule and interview and make sure it was okay with the person to video interview them. Also, it was difficult asking around for peoples consent to video them if they were in your shots because most of the time they said no and were not comfortable and then I had to start all over.

For my first VOSOTVO I did it on the weather because, the weather is always newsworthy, right? I found myself enjoying doing this assignment because I was surprised at what I accomplished. Also I enjoyed the topic because since it was such nice weather outside it was fun filming the warm, sunny weather and seeing people enjoy it just as much as me. It put everyone in a happy mood and I can tell everyone is ready for spring to come.

The last VOSOTVO I had the most difficult time. I learned that you always have to have a plan B, C, …and sometimes even D. I planned to do a different news story but when I came home no sound picked up. Then when I decided to do my plan B they were not comfortable with an interview so I had to go with a plan C. This plan C was Rock Chalk Revue and it actually turned out very well. I can also tell everyone loved being on camera and always asked me a ton of questions if they can be in the video. This was just fun because I was in a show of Rock Chalk Revue and showing off all of our hard work was really rewarding.

I also had a hard time trying to shoot our VO that we had to do. This was because it fell on the same weekend that I had to have different plan B, C, and D’s. However, in the end everything pulls through! Doing the news package on the app JoyRun ended up actually begin really fun and I loved every minute filming it!

I think I improved definitely on the shakiness of my shots. In the very beginning I would shake around because I did not use everything with a tripod. Also, I think my lighting has improved tremendously. For example, in the video essay, which was our first assignment we had to do, almost all the shots were dark or yellow. In the last assignment, my VOSOTVO Turn Back the Clock, all the shots are bright and in focus.




A painting from the African Art Exhibit at the Spencer Art Museum in Lawrence, Kansas.

First of all, I am happy and excited to be challenged the way I already have been by Dr. Collins and the J550 curriculum. That being said, the workload and norms imposed from day one have been challenging for us all. It was the first day of class, and from the first sentence Dr. Collins spoke, I knew the regular pace around the J-school would not be the same, for good reasons.

That being said, this first project brought a few challenges by itself. First, I managed to rent a broken tripod, and immediately I was experiencing filming and stabilization issues. Nonetheless, I was able to rely on nifty editing skills to help reduce the error as much as possible. Next, I took my camera, half working microphone and broken tripod to my first event– the student recital series at Murphy Hall. After 20 minutes of filming, I was approached by one of the dean professors at Murphy Hall, and at that moment, he decided to halt any creative progress I had made while filming. In the profession, we must learn that not everyone is tolerable of media. In this instance, the professor was not a fan of media coverage, especially during his recital. Lastly, I had some minor editing issues and lost part of my film.

Given all these uphill factors, I was able to climb and progress towards a fairly well produced VOSOTVO. I believe as time moves forward, we will all progress as reporters, story-tellers and difference-makers. I truly believe that, and I also believe in the process Dr. Collins is instilling for this class. I created a short VO and VOSOTVO covering the Spencer Art Museum’s new African art exhibit. The piece displays the beautiful exhibit and people who have contributed.

Here is the link to my piece:


Self-reflection 1: VOSOTVO, VO and Video Essay by Patrick Sullivan

Video Essay: Ball Park

I really enjoyed working on the video essay project. It gave me a lot of room for creativity and freedom to go have some fun with editing. I struggled at first to find an idea of what I wanted to do it on, but I knew that I wanted to go down to Potter’s Lake because of the scenery. I really hope to have more projects similar to this. My one criticism on this project is my title. For some reason I could not come up with something more creative; I probably didn’t spend enough time on it.

VOSOTVO and VO: Captiva

I also struggled to find a topic on this assignment as well. That typically seems to be my problem with these assignments. I can usually find good ideas for stories but they would require footage that I cannot get or are not localized. However, once I actually had my idea and my interview the assignment wasn’t difficult at all. I think I shot and edited the footage in under two hours. I think the main thing that I need to work on for my next project is writing more conversationally and delivering my VO without sounding so rigged.

Overall I am having a great time in this class and cannot wait to get working on the packages and news breaks. I have confidence that I will be able to get my writing and delivery on a better track.

The Beauty of Success and Failure: That’s a Wrap – SCHMITT

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Wow, we did it. What a semester. I am so proud to have reached this moment as a student, and more importantly, as a journalist. From the beginning, I felt like I was already embarking on an uphill battle. Taking Multimedia Reporting and Audio Journalism together in a semester was demanding to say the very least. My counselors and professors warned me, but I was prepared and ready to tackle the challenge head-on. There were many long nights, days spent running from interview to interview, and moments when I questioned if this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. But, I quickly learned over this semester that journalism is absolutely my passion. I met amazing people, covered inspiring stories, and pushed myself beyond what I thought was my limit. I’m so thankful that I was able to find the beauty in both success and failure. Each assignment had a purpose, and each assignment had a lesson. Follow along as I look back at my journey over the past few months.

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Group Reflection – Schmitt

After watching each group present, I was so proud to see everyone’s work come together. The collaboration and teamwork was truly inspiring, and I’m very thankful to be a small part of this amazing class. What a semester! What improvement! Thank you, Professor Collins for guiding the way. The blood, sweat and tears paid off.

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C.S.A Fair: Let’s Grow Together

Growing Local Farms One Share at a Time

     The agriculture community is the driving force of our society. They grow the food that feeds our bodies and allows us to be strong enough to strive greatness and change our world. Without farmers and their crops, we do not eat which means we dwindle to non-existence. In times of economic uncertainty, everyone needs financial support. “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA), helps farmers keep food on our tables by selling stock in their farms to members of the community. These stocks give customers a chance to know exactly where their food is coming from and who grows it.

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Final Project Reflection- Muno

Words of wisdom to anyone reading this post for advice on the final project: DONT PROCRASTINATE!!!!!!!! The final project takes a lot of time and work. To save yourself a few all nighters, and a lot of stress, periodically work on the project. PC gives you a lot of time to work on the project so start early. The more work you have done for your “check-ins” the more feedback PC is able to give you so that you can make your final project the best possible, (and this project is worth a ton of points). You have the flexibility to choose your final project topic so choose something you are passionate about! If you chose your final project to be about something you’re interested in, your final project won’t be such a pain. Since you are spending so much time on this project, put your best foot forward because you can possibly use this for professional purposes. So invest the time and effort it will pay off for your grade, and potentially your future.


Group Reflections Final

Our final projects showcased how much we have learned in this class over the course of the semester. I think everyone did a great job in delivering their message and showcasing the skills that they have picked up from every project and story we have had to do so far.

Mental Health —

I was very happy to see how you guys did your project. The stigma of Mental Health in our society is so frustrating and negative and it saddens me that it is always seen as a problem that needs to be rectified. People with mental health issues are seen as just that, people with issues, rather than people who may need help or are just different. This is why we have so many young adults, especially college students like you guys showed in your infographic, suffer from different issues personally because sometimes many do not want to come forward and admit they need help or get the support they need from fear of how their peers may judge them. I loved the interview you got with Mrs. Cate because she was so lively and strong willed/spirited and I thought you guys got great camera shots and soundbites. Good job overall.

Voices From The Field —

This story really hit home for me. Being a student athlete this year has been a tough one because of everything that has occurred in racial justice issues around our country. there were many times this season where I wanted to make a statement somehow before my volleyball games but I didn’t know how to do so. I think a story like this is important just to see what other athletes had to say or how they would handle it, especially the coaches and other adults. I will say some of the shots were a little bit too long on the subjects you had. Shortening up the clips and maybe getting some b-roll from a football practice would have been good to include. But overall, I liked the topic because it is a current events issue and something that I think more people should learn about.

Not My University —

I thought the How-to piece for this project was awesome. Sometimes being a minority on a large, predominately white college campus can be hard because you may not always feel like you fit in. I was glad that this group shed light on the topic in a way that all people can relate and/or recognize the reason why some students may feel this way. I like how you showed that this is not an attack or a reason to protest just because, it is because there are real issues that minorities face that we need people to realize and to join in becoming one. Good b-roll and some nice interviews. I liked a lot of the shots that were in the video package.