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Reflection of Final Projects

Mental Illness

Overall,  I thought this was a very unique perspective on mental illness. I think people need to see this perspective, and the way you presented this was excellent, great job!

Not My University

Honestly, I really enjoyed the title, I thought that grabbed my attention right away. I think the B-Roll was very powerful and well edited- it really spoke to the message of the piece.


I never knew what colorism even was until this project, so now I am glad I know what it is. I think the idea of expectations based on the color of your skin brings so much light to how we as a society need to look past the surface of someone.


Assignment 2 Hilton

img_4337After this assignment I have learned a lot on using my camera to tell a story. This assignment required us to to take a sequence of shots with a common theme. I decided to focus my theme on “The Story of Dairy.” I began my sequence on the campus farm with pictures of grass and dairy cows, then I ended the video with pictures of milk and ice cream (products of dairy).

My topic is quite simple, so in order to make my video interesting I had to be creative in taking my pictures. I used a lot of different views and angles and tried add some action to the milk pictures. One of the requirements was to incorporate natural sound, so I added some sound of the cows “mooing” and the pouring of milk. This project forced me to use my equipment in ways I never would have thought of before. Overall I learned a lot from this assignment, and most of all I enjoyed hanging out with the cows! You can checkout my project with sound on YouTube, and without sound on YouTube.

Final Reflection Blog- Tkachuk


Time at camp flew by!! It’s hard to believe it’s already Friday and time to go. Throughout my time at camp, I learned so much about broadcast journalism and made so many new friends. The system of support I had throughout the entire week is amazing, as I always felt like I had someone to talk to if I was feeling frustrated.

Seeing the finished product of a complete broadcast written, produced, and anchored by me is amazing, as I never thought we could all accomplish something like this in one week. This camp has inspired me to pursue journalism or communications as a college major, and has given me great insight into what it would be like to be a student at U of I.

Coming out of this experience, I feel like I am much stronger and more able to adapt to new and challenging classes. I am so thankful that I was able to come to this camp, and it was a trip that I will never forget.


Last Reflections – Navarro

Honestly, it feels like I’ve been away now for months on end from my hometown, but here’s my thoughts on this camp seven days later. At first, the camp was pretty stressful – writing scripts until 2 am and only getting four hours of sleep consequently ; running around for four hours looking for that one, perfect shot ; and the endless leg cramps I would get from sitting the majority of the day. I can say that the camp hasn’t really gotten less stressful over time, but the other campers and I have just learned to tolerate this learning environment.

The teaching method that Professor Collins taught us wCl1p2UeXIAE9Vpyas, quite… strict. We learned LOTS of formatting things about writing scripts and how to do roles present in a television studio like Richmond Studios that we spent the majority of the time in. There was lots of yelling, and some campers cried during lunch because it was that stressful. I felt like I’ve learnt a lot things about journalism, but the method of teaching was quite interesting. I ever felt like I actually had any “free time,” as the majority of the time we had to work on scripts or shoot film for our packages or we had to take interviews for our VOSOTVOs. One camper quoted the experience perfectly, “it feels like we’re working a nine to five without getting paid.”

Despite being a College of Media, almost no emails were sent to me about roommates, schedules, and really anything else about the camp experience despite promising that in the application and in the confirmation email. It wasn’t until I got into the camp that I really knew the people who were in the camp.

I wouldn’t trade the experiences for the world. The friends I’ve made during this camp will last, hopefully, for a long time. I feel extremely ready if I would need to get an internship or another opportunity that would require the skills that I learned during this camp. Seriously, this experience was amazing.