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STAND BY!!!!! They ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!

IJEA 2014 Journalism Workshop UIUC

IJEA 2014 Journalism Workshop UIUC with Prof. Collins and Crew

In this picture…I am surrounded by some AWESOME High School students! They chose to accept the challenge awaiting them in my workshop at IJEA…actually putting News Breaks together! Not all of them knew each other, I knew NONE of them, they had never shot, wrote, edited, produced, directed, technical directed, floored, operated studio cam, audio board, playback, or worked teleprompter, anchored, sports anchored, or delivered the weather….they had new stories, one BRAND NEW story that we picked up when we FIRST met on the sidewalk of the U of I, ….YET, by the time they left ONLY 3 HOURS LATER….we had produced 3 1/2 news breaks, became somewhat of a family derived from successful tortured stress that is found in EVERY newsroom of a particular calibre, and yes…they even went away smiling and laughing! I COULD NOT have had a better group of 19 students for this ambitious endeavor! They did in a few hours…what professionals do in a full day! It’s not perfect…but it was fun and it was full of teachable moments! Continue reading

Reflection on IJEA Workshop

The IJEA Broadcast workshop was an amazing– and stressful– experience. I worked together with great people to put together the Siebel segment, and had a good time anchoring even though I cracked up pretty badly. In the end, it was worth it to be able to say:

“Stay classy, Champaign-Urbana.”



–Nicholas Liu

Dean Divizio’s Broadcasting Workshop Reflection

IT WAS CRAZY! In three hours I learned how to work under pressure better than I ever thought I would. I’ve gained so much information and experience in regards to operating as a producer as well as broadcasting as a whole. Due to this workshop, I’m definitely more interested in pursuing this field further, maybe even as a career option. It was definitely a great experience and I would love to do it again!



IJEA Broadcast Workshop

Today, took a trial through the world of broadcast journalism. It was different then when i have done broadcast journalism before, it was more on the technical side. It was an awesome workshop and it was fast paced. It was a nice introduction to the world of broadcast journalism and the people we worked with were great.

My Day In a Nutshell – Jess

Today was absolutely amazing! I am extremely interested in communications and english and in this mock newscast today, I was able to do both. It was such a fantastic experience from learning how to properly write a newscast to speaking on live TV and learning how to deal with the stress of having a camera sitting in front of you. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible!

Review of IJEA Broadcast workshop

I had a really great time working with the teachers and students today. Working as a photographer and technical director was a great experience and, while stressful, it was very fun and this has given me a really interesting prospective on the behind-the-scenes of how the whole day as a newscaster goes. Thanks so much, everyone!


-Noah Larson

The Day at U of I

Today was very stressful and very informative. It puts you into a real life situation of a news station. Working for 3 hours to create a newscast was educational and taught me a lot about journalism. It was a great opportunity and I’m glad I got to have it! It was worth it!


I am Alyssa Duetsch and I participated in the IJEA broadcast workshop on Saturday, September 12. Having two hours to produce a broadcast was hectic to say the least but it all came together and was an all around great time. I learned a lot and got great hands on experience. I will use what I learned today for the rest of my news-reporting life!