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Ricardo and Abram’s

Ricardo- It was fun and i loved it i would do it again but i won’t. Everyone was great and loved working with them, i wish them the best in life and keep doing what your are doing because you guys are doing it great.


Abram- I really learned a lot about broadcasting and anchoring sports news. Getting here and tell us to get done 3 stories in 40 minutes. It was a fun experience! ­čÖé

Emily Watkins IJEA

I think this workshop was very educational, although it can stress you out if you don’t know what you’re doing. I most definitely liked actually videotaping the broadcast, but editing videos was also cool. I learned a ton about video editing, and I might try that out when I get back to Mattoon.


My time at U of I today has been a great opportunity. It was stressful, but I had a wonderful time. Being put in that anxious situation is something that I won’t forget. This 3 minute newscast was a great way for me to meet new people and work together. Definitely a great day!

My life as a broadcaster

By: Samantha Schrepferman

This week at the IJEA conference 20 of us students were able to make a live broadcast in three┬áhours. The stress was unbelievably high but we created 2 short videos, 3 full stories, and 3 sports cast, plus recorded and aired in this time. I loved this day and wouldn’t have changed anything about it. I still will go into broadcasting no matter how crazy this day was.

My Day at the U of I

Wow! What an absolutely amazing day today. It was ┬ágreat to actually feel like a real journalism student and actually participate in a real news cast. It was a tad bit stressful not going to lie but that stress turned into adrenaline and just an absolutely amazing feeling once we got our task accomplished. I am so proud of my team and the work that we did today. I can’t wait to see what our videos look like(:

Reagan Wells’ Review of the Newscast Workshop

Hi there, I’m Reagan Wells. I recently had a chance to participate in the IJEA All-Day Newscast Production Workshop. We had A LOT of fun as we created our own news show…from scratch! I served as an editor and had a great time editing together various voice over clips and segments. ┬á ┬áStress was high as we gradually finished all the neccessary elements and had the makings of an excellent news program. I then had a chance to work behind a huge camera and angled the cameras to the talent. The studio was awesome: it was professional, well-lit, and all very polished. We all had a great time together, and it was simply awesome to see it all come together, and form a cohesive team-based environment. Thank you for providing me with a chance to be part of this program, and all the valuable insight it provided me. Thank you so much!

Reagan Wells, Galesburg IL