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Here is my script for this project


Here is my story.

This was the usual routine for me, using my audio recorder is pretty common. I had a good time getting to hear some interesting stories throughout this story, so it was tough to edit it down to a very simple story.  The most challenging part was again working with transferring audio throughout some of the different studios within Greghall. I have had this problem before.  Also I have been told to enunciate more by multiple professors, so I take the voiceover seriously, because they have also said I have a great radio voice. This has been something I have been working on.

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An Average Night at Bousfield

IMG_1615For this assignment, we were supposed to tell a story or show a theme through a series of photos. The hardest part of this assignment was coming up with an idea to go off of. Since the weather in Champaign did not show many signs of improvement, I again turned to my residence hall for inspiration. I decided to show the stages of doing laundry, since my options were limited as I shot my first assignment in the same location. To be honest… I wish I was able to to have a more creative shoot. As I watched last years videos, I saw beautiful pictures of snow, churches, campus etc. I’ll be the first to admit that this is not my favorite project and that I am looking forward to having projects that are much improved in the future.

For my attempt at assignment two … click here.

Building a Community

IMG_6333For Assignment 2, my task was to create a photo essay. I struggled with finding a topic that I am passionate about. My original plan was to do something about diversity. After thinking for a long time, I realized that I had no idea how to capture that without taking pictures of people (the obvious).

I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to do for the assignment and finally thought about all of the construction going on around campus. I immediately thought about building a community. Campustown goes through many changes as the years progress, and it was interesting to capture some of the beginning moments and stages of these changes.

Taking pictures of construction sites is very difficult when is freezing outside!!! One major issue I had was that my fingers became very red as I held the camera without using gloves. This forced me to take a few pictures and endure the cold for as long as I could, and then go inside. What should have taken about 30 minutes, took me about 2 hours to complete because I couldn’t stand outside too long. My only issue after reviewing my photos, was that I did not get a great variety of shots.

Editing the slideshow was fairly easy, I encountered minor issues, but because I came into the lab three days before the due date, I was able to fix the issues on my own.

Here’s my attempt at Assignment 2.

Photographing a Sporting Event

For my Assignment 2 photo essay I decided to take pictures of my fraternity’s Sunday night basketball league. One of the problems I ran into while taking pictures, was getting good pictures that weren’t blurry. In the beginning, even if I timed the picture well, the pictures would end up looking blurry. I started to play with the setting on the camera, and was able to find a sport setting. This allowed me to take quick pictures for all the quick movements that were going on during the game. Some of the pictures still ended up looking a little blurry, however it was definitely an improvement from when I first started taking pictures that day. I want to learn more setting on my camera, so I am able to have more control over my photos. It would help to learn how to play with the shutter speed on my camera, so that the pictures wouldn’t look as blurry when there is lots of movement. Here is an action shot that I am most proud of because even though it is a little blurry, the timing worked out very well here:

One of my friends trying to score while being heavily defended.

One of my friends trying to score while being heavily defended.

Check out the rest of my photoessay here.

My Assignment 1 Experience

Taking pictures for assignment one was the easy part, editing everything under a quick deadline was where it got tricky. I am slightly familiar with editing programs that are similar to Final Cut Pro, however I have never used it before. There were a few times during the editing process where  I was behind, or had missed a few steps that had been explained earlier, which made it stressful at first. As time went on, not only was I able to get more comfortable with the Final Cut, but more importantly, I realized that the other students around me were great recourses for help. Although editing was a bit stressful at first, I am happy to say that my first assignment is completed.

And a special thanks to my friend’s puppy, Goose, for being a great model in Assignment one. You can check him out on YouTube here.



Assignment 1 or my first time using Final Cut

Let’s just say this first assignment was…interesting. I am not technologically-savy and still not sure what I am doing.

To take a look at what I did click here.

The easy part was taking the pictures. I definitely need to delete things off my media card that I will not use so that I can get right to work and not have to waste time finding which clips I want. I did a lot of my video from the window of my sorority’s living room, which made my sorority sisters question my sanity. Next time, I’ll be sure to warn them of my intentions.

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Assignment 1

Our first assignment for J410 was all about getting comfortable with using our digital cameras (which we get to keep for the whole semester! What?!)

I consider myself already blessed in this class. Since I’m a senior, I’ve already taken all of my other video and production classes. Because of that, I immediately felt super comfortable with my camera.

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Assignment 1


We just completed our first assignment of the semester in J410. Since the temperatures were below zero this week, I decided to stay close to home and shoot at Bousfield Hall, the newest residence hall. I haven’t used a camera since my senior year of high school, so it took some time to get used to. My favorite shots are the ones that show a lot of texture, like the foot print in the snow. I was excited to edit again, however it was new for me to use Final Cut instead of Adobe Premiere. Over all, I am happy with my assignment one! Take a look here.

Assignment 1

For Assignment 1, I did not encounter any major issues. I used this as a learning experience and played with a few different settings on the camera. I really wanted to take pictures of things outside, but it was too cold for me to go out. I decided to find a few things in my apartment that I thought would appear nice in pictures. IMG_6277