A Journey Through Multimedia Journalism


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A photo of myself.

Just signing up for this class stressed me out. I knew it would be full of projects and equipment I didn’t know how to use. I was right but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. I learned SO much, by messing up and trying again and asking for help. Asking for help is key in this class, and starting the project early. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Starting early will save you from missing an assignment or pulling an all-nighter.

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How The Road Not Taken Became My Main Path


My Multimedia Story

A photo of myself.

At first I was scared, anxious and unsure about multimedia. I walked into the class never having used a video camera and could barely figure out how to set up the tripod. Professor Collins had an upbeat and extremely positive attitude about the class. I walked out of the first class session feeling a little less nervous, but still knew this was going to be a class that pushed me. Looking back, I could not be more thankful to have had this class. It pushed me in ways I had never expected. After tedious hours and tears (yes, I cried). I grew more confident with each assignment.  That positive attitude became contagious. By the last assignment I was excited and could not wait to get started and put my project together. As corny as it sounds I have grown as a student, professional and as an individual because of this class.

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I can breathe. I made it. So will you.

My Multimedia Journey 

This is me at the pumpkin patch with my baby pumpkin.
This is me at the pumpkin patch with my baby pumpkin.

The level of fear I had walking into this multimedia class was astounding. I was a writer. I was a designer. I wasn’t a photographer; although, my Instagram account may imply otherwise. I wasn’t a videographer regardless of the 10 second Snapchats I would send. I wasn’t a multimedia journalist.

Now I am. 

Take the fear that you’re experiencing and swallow it. There is no reason to be scared, and I learned that early on. It doesn’t matter if you’re inexperienced. I barely knew how to operate a Mac when I sat down. You’ll be fine. Trust me.

My main advice to you is to take this class seriously, and you’ll enjoy it much more. The first five projects you complete are baby steps. They were created to help you become familiar with your equipment. They’re easy to do, but they are also easy to put aside.

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In the Blink of an Eye- Lerner reflection post

Announcing for BTN Student U
Announcing for BTN Student U

Coming into multimedia, I wasn’t sure how to feel. As a broadcast journalism major I had a good amount of experience in front of the camera, but not a ton behind the camera or during the editing process. Overall, I’d say I was bit nervous but also very excited. I knew that to have success moving forward I’d need to learn a lot about filming and editing, and that multimedia would be a great start to that learning. Plus with the way the industry is changing, you need to be very well rounded to be successful and that’s exactly the concept behind multimedia journalism. Especially now knowing that I’ll be interning at a TV station this summer and doing a great deal of both shooting and editing, I couldn’t be happier with the base knowledge I was able to gain through the seven assignments that we completed throughout the course of the semester.  Continue reading “In the Blink of an Eye- Lerner reflection post”

From the tutorial to the final boss: My journey through Multimedia

As told through the perspective of someone who has way too much time to spend on playing video games.

My friends standing in our old classroom the day our high school closed. The memories from this place helped shape me into the person I am today.

Rescuing the princess? That’s easy since she’s always in another castle! Avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles? All it takes is a little mix of practice, skill and trial-and-error. Defeating the final boss? Determination, my dear friend! Lots and lots of determination.

Getting through this class was a lot like playing a video game, maybe except for the whole princess thing. When you pick up a new game for the very first time, you don’t just quit if the first level is too difficult. The same was for this class; you struggle through, level up your skills, gain some allies, solve your problems and conquer that final assignment! Continue reading “From the tutorial to the final boss: My journey through Multimedia”

Working Out the Kinks

How I Grew to Become a Better Multimedia Reporter


Everything in life is learned. Whether it was the first time learning how to properly throw a baseball or memorizing the state capitals back in school, everything takes time.

As I expected, this lesson wasn’t any different when it came to learning about multimedia in our Journalism 215 course at the University of Illinois. Things took time — and yes, there was a learning curve — and they took effort. But in the digital age we live in, multimedia is a necessary tool to learn when it comes to being a journalist in the modern world.

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A new path: a walk through my multimedia journey

Living and learning through video 

My staff photo as The Daily Illini's managing editor
My staff photo as The Daily Illini’s managing editor

Multimedia has changed my life. Dramatic, I know, but it’s true.

At the beginning of the semester, I blindly transferred into the broadcast journalism from news-editorial. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I was pretty sure news-editorial wasn’t it.

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Mastering Multimedia Confidence

My Story…

My trip to New York this spring break with the College of Media.

I’d like to start by addressing next semester’s multimedia class: don’t panic, you will get through this with your sanity in tact! As someone who has only worked in print journalism since high school, the idea of putting forth eight multimedia assignments over the course of the semester was daunting to say the least. Looking back, this class has been an invaluable addition to my journalism course work at the University of Illinois.

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A Glimpse Into the Dream: A Reflection Piece By Aaliyah Gibson

Making the dream a reality one step at a time.

The lovely ladies within my life.
The lovely ladies within my life.

Our dreams become reality when we can picture them with our eyes open. That’s the saying I created before entering this class, and the saying the women in my life have been pushing me to believe ever since I pointed to a television show on the small screen and said, “Now that is what I want to do.” This class turned out to be the continuation, if not start, of a dream I’d been trying to make a reality for a while: putting my work on film and showing it to others. I learned quickly that most dreams come easily, but it is the work and effort you put into it that will reflect whether it will become a reality or not. I learned step by step, each assignment helping me grow professionally as I realized my true work ethic. But the proof is in the pudding. (Or the videos and photos and audio packages. But that’s beside the point).

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From print only to broadcast ready

Journalism 215 prepares you for the digital world

Klaudia Dukala
Klaudia Dukala

Before taking Multimedia Storytelling (Journalism 215), I was a print-only girl. I knew how to copy edit and design print elements. I knew how to man a basic camera and take photos with a DSLR. But, other than that, multimedia journalism was outside of my experience orbit.

Now, about 100 days after the first day of class, all of that has changed.

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