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Take Me out To the Ballgame- How To Throw Different Pitches


Me showing the grip for a 4 seam fastball, and looking like a bad-a**



“Ah shoot,” I muttered to myself as my tripod toppled to the ground.

You see, I grew up my entire life playing baseball, more specifically as a pitcher, so I’ve been around the block a few times. However, it has been about a year since I’ve thrown a baseball, and, well… my tripod got to feel the full blunt of my rustiness after my fastball took out one of its legs, and now it’s more of a dipod so to speak… Continue reading

A quick, cheap meal for a college student


A box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Making dinner on a budget

College students, no matter the time of the month nor their financial situation always seem to be skimping on food. Cutting back on daily nutrients isn’t good for any reason so instead of missing meals, college students should eat smaller, less expensive items, like macaroni and cheese, supplemented with bigger meals throughout the day.

While I won’t say that the quick and easy meal of macaroni and cheese will save all the problems of what to eat while in college, I will say that mac ‘n cheese is a cheap way to replenish the calories that easily escape your body.

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Dapper Up For Spring

Learn to Tie a Bow Tie

Look dapper for any formal event with a proper bow tie

Look dapper for any formal event with a proper bow tie

With springtime right around the corner, people are starting to turn their thoughts towards flying kites, picnics and walks in the park. After months of nothing but snow and ice, everyone is ready to embrace the warm weather. Not only do outdoor activities become more popular, but it’s also the season for formal events. Continue reading

Treating Yourself Right

Beat the heat with this sweet treat

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.19.47 PM

It’s time to open up your taste buds to the cold, refreshing taste of a root beer float.

The sweet, refreshing taste of an ice cream float has floated around since the late 19th century. Although the primary inventor of this beverage cannot solely be identified, there are numerous theories as to how this chilling beverage transformed into a summertime favorite.

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Bullish Expectations: How To Get Over D-Rose– Lerner Assignment 5

What to do after Derrick Rose’s third knee surgery as a Bulls fan.

Derrick Rose speaking to media

Derrick Rose speaking to media

For Bulls fans recently, the story of nearly every season has been getting over the loss of the team’s former MVP due to injuries. Rose had played just 10 games over the past two season, but this season was meant to be different. The Bulls pieced together what looked like their deepest and most talented team around Rose through free agency and the draft. Things were looking up for Chicago’s NBA squad to make a serious run at the title–so long as Rose’s knees were able to hold their own.

While this season hadn’t been Rose’s best statistically in his career, seeing him on the court night in and night out was enough for many Bulls fans. With the emergence of NBA All Star Jimmy Butler and the resurgence of free agent signee, Pau Gasol, it felt like Rose just needed to fill a role for the team to reach big things. Rose was pretty inconsistent in the first half of this season, but showed bursts of his signature athleticism which was promising for both this season and his future with the team.

When many fans heard the news of Rose needed yet another meniscus surgery this season, they were shocked. Rose didn’t go down in a game like he had in the two previous situations where he injured his knees. The news of the most recent injury came out the day after a game, although it isn’t even certain that the tear occurred during the game the night before the announcement.

Now the Bulls will just have to attempt to hold their own until the playoffs, which is when Rose is potentially expected to return to the lineup, according to Rose has a huge contract, so the Bulls and their fans are tied to the Chicago native for the foreseeable future. Here’s my ‘how to’ video on dealing with yet another Rose injury.

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