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IJEA 2015 Banuelos

Overall this experience was really helpful on giving me more information on the broadcasting field. I learned a lot for the students and it felt like a real life news taping. It was very helpful on the editing aspect that I can now take back to my broadcasting class. Thank you to everyone at the Richmond Studio for all the help!

One take Nautica! Ha!

What I thought about this? Man, man, man.. This experience was great! I enjoyed every bit of it, and there was not a moment where I became bored. Being able to participate in Stand By was an eye opener, and it inspired me to go harder for my future career. I plan to study Communications/Journalism at U of I, and this encouraged me more! The Richmond Studio is beautiful, and I plan to be here again! Thanks to all who helped this Stand By workshop a success. I will see you all again!


IJEA 2015! Sullens

It was an exciting day today at Richmond Studio. Had fun working with these nine amazing students. It was a great time learning about reporting, writing, and reporting stories. It was at first a scary experience being on camera and reading of the tele-promtor. We all did this in 3 hours which was pretty stressful but we got through it and it all turned out great in the end.IJEA2015-1

IJEA 2015 Roberts! :)

The Newscast experience was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Working with the College of Media students was such a unique and informational experience. It was really interesting to be on both sides of the camera, and help write and produce our own Newscast. It was stressful, but also incredibly rewarding.

IJEA Broadcast News 2015!

This is my second year being a part of the IJEA Broadcast News section and both years it was fantastic. This year the team was much smaller so everyone got a chance to do something (especially anchoring) and it was overall less chaotic. Getting to produce the show and seeing the work that everyone did come to life during the recording was really great!

IJEA 2015 Collings

It was quite the experience writing and filming with a Broadcast Journalism team. At first it was quite a bit of pressure because it is so different from anything I have ever done. When writing a story for Broadcast, you have to make it concise and short. The formatting is completely different from any kind of print journalism. Being able to have this opportunity is such a blessing. I am very impressed with how the team gave us a realistic experience while still teaching us everything we need to know.  This experience was something I will always remember.

IJEA 2015! Beckley!

I was happy to be here. Joining with Mike and Sidney to shoot a segment was a blast. Putting it together, however, was a tough battle but still was a fun time. Watching the segment on fill gave me an accomplishing feeling. I learned how to shoot something, the process of putting it together, the rise the fall and the conundrum of shooting a newsbreak.