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Final Reflection – Goethals

My favorite still shot for the first assignment – textured shot.

When I started this semester, I was very nervous about this class. I had never used a nice camera before and have no background knowledge about editing, photography, or making videos. Writing is really more of my forté, so this class sounded like a challenge. I think all of that is pretty evident in my first project, when we were supposed to get to know our camera. I had no idea what to shoot, and it didn’t even occur to me to make my videos of things that were actually moving (something, in hindsight I probably should have figured out, but I was already feeling like a fish out of water). I remember taking a 5 second video of the wall and thinking to myself “I’m not sure what purpose this is serving? But I’m pretty sure this is what Professor Collins said to do? Must be something about video that I don’t know about?” But I did, however, end up getting a couple still shots that I liked out of the project, which took me by surprise. Continue reading

Final Project Reflections – Boyd

“Mental Health Matters” – I thought this piece was incredible. The distress gif you all used on the website really showed how much detail and effort was put into this project. My favorite part was the interview with Cate Lao. It was heartbreaking to hear about her day-to-day struggles, but you all did a fantastic job of keeping her words raw and honest. Continue reading

Fall Watercolor DIY


Fall Watercolor DIY End Result

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so for assignment 6 I did a fall watercolor painting DIY. This how-to is super quick and easy, but has a very nice result and can spice up a Thanksgiving table setting or be hung in a photo frame! There are a lot of other DIYs similar to this one on Pinterest.

For my DIY, check out the video here!

How To Make Pumpkin Pie


I had a lot of fun with our “How-To” assignment. I decided to make a video on pumpkin pie because it’s the fall season and pumpkin pie is my favourite kind of pie. I tried to get a lot of close-up shots because I thought it would be the best way to explain what I was saying in the voice-over. I only used one still with sub-titles because I thought using video was more effective. Overall, I had a lot of fun making this video and the pie was very delicious!

Check out my video here!

How to Make an Egg-cellent Omelette

Assignment 6 was a how-to video. I chose to focus my project on how to make an omelette. This video was really fun. You got to take something that you’re good at doing, and teach the process through a step by step sequence. One of the issues I realized after I submitted my video was the nat sound is a bit too loud on my video. It doesn’t overpower my voice over narration, but it is too loud which I did not realize during my editing process so I will be more aware of that for our final project. One thing I would highly recommend to future students is to get close to your subject! I noticed that the shots when you got up close and personal with what you’re shooting made for the most compelling and “cool” shots during this video.


How to Make an Egg-cellent Omelette

You can check out my quick and easy how-to video here.

You can find other tasty and easy how- to food recipes here.

How to Cook a Quick Omelette

There are few things I love more than food TV. I watch food videos when I am stressed or homesick, inspired or intrigued. Food has always been my passion, and college has only strengthened that. I have blogged about food for class and for fun.img_4164

This assignment, to make a how-to video 1:15-1:30 seconds long brought great opportunities and challenges. There are so many basics that I think college kids (and everyone) should know. I chose to make an omelette because the ingredients are common, and I know my peers don’t eat breakfast as well or often as they should. My schedule is just as tight and my kitchen just as small as the next student at the University of Illinois, so I hope this inspires someone. I was grateful for this opportunity to work with food, refine my video skills, and practice communicating processes clearly.


How-to: Green Juice and the License to Kale

Ingredients for the green juice recipe!

Ingredients for the green juice recipe!

College is hard, and trying to eat healthy in college can be even harder. When we think of healthy eating, expensive produce and long nights in the kitchen might come to mind, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

A great way to consume a large portion of your day’s nutrients can be as simple as making your own juice. A great recipe that covers all the bases is the one in my video that you can check out  here. Whether it’s premade for your morning breakfast, an on-the-go snack, or a simple meal replacement, juices are a great source of fruits and vegetables!

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How-To Speed Up Laundry Day by Naya Crittenden


Assignment 6 was a “How-To” video. Professor Collins allowed us to choose whatever we wanted to do our video on, as long as our editing, lower thirds, and shots were clear, concise, and had all around flawless editing.

I did my video on How-To fold a shirt in the most efficient way possible. In college, doing your laundry can be one of the most tedious and annoying tasks because of our busy schedules. It is often something that most students toss to the side because we can “do it later.” Later usually means a week or two go by before you even get to it, and once the clothes pile up, it can take forever to finish washing, folding, and hanging up your clothes. Hopefully, my video will show you how to speed up that process so that you spend more time with the things you want to do and less with worrying about time-consuming chores.

You can view my How-To video here.

Catching the Beat!

Champaign--Matthew's affordable drum practice items. (Left to right) kick drum pedal, kick drum practice pad, snare drum practice pad, stick bag, and sticks.

Champaign–Matthew’s affordable drum practice items. (Left to right) kick drum pedal, kick drum practice pad, snare drum practice pad, stick bag, and sticks.

Here is a how-to-video of the basics of drumming. By learning and understanding how to manipulate the different rudiments, one can ‘catch the beat’. Many people want to learn how to play popular songs like AC DC’s ‘Back in Black‘ or any Michael Jackson song because of the groove. However, most do not know that learning the fundamentals are very important.

The practice kit on the left is very affordable for beginner’s who cannot afford a drum set. It would be better to buy a drum set practice pad kit by DW though instead of the individual pieces. The practice set is around $169.99 excluding taxes. You can buy one from your local drum shop.

To learn more on drumming, subscribe to Drumeo‘s website.

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