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Final Reflection-Olivia Roberts

At the beginning of this semester, I was a scared timid student who absolutely had no foundation of the level of journalism I needed to know for this 550 class. With that being said, I’ve never encountered more stress and tears in my life over a class. So where do I even begin… Should I start at explaining to you the real life lessons I was taught by Dr. Collins? Or should I begin telling you the level of improvement I reached from the beginning to end of this semester?

Well… in general, I am so thankful for this class. This class taught me I can do anything I put my mind to. Which, anybody can until they are truly tested. What really tested me was putting in all the effort I possibly had without having the foundation I needed to even get me started. I honestly had to teach myself from the ground up. By first, learning what a VO and VOSOTVO meant. Everybody in this class already knew what they were and what they meant so that already put me behind and my confidence level sunk quickly. But nonetheless, I picked myself up and kept going. Because in reality thats all we really can do. This class has taught me so much about myself, about life, about school, about being a good student, about loving/helping others around you that I was truthfully sad for this class to come to an end. So… the only thing my classmates and I still have to remember this class by is the group chat Dr. Collins wanted us to create at the beginning of this seamster. We all still communicate in even though the semester is now over.


My first project I had for this class was called a video essay. This video essay was where Dr. Collins let us begin by showing her our skill level and expertise on story telling. We were able to tell any story we wanted. What better way to begin your first project by showing everybody your best friends 21st birthday party! This was a fun, exciting project I liked because it was a way where I could produce, create, and edit the video how I wanted it. I wanted my viewers to be just as excited as I was to watch this video. So I wanted to add close shots of her face, people laughing, and bring out the emotion of the party by telling the main character’s story.



My first VO/VOSOTVO were fun to create. The Chef of the sorority house I live in allowed me to capture his daily routine for lunch. “Chef Nate” and a “Warm Meal” show Chef Nate preparing and executing his medal prices throughout the day. These two videos show how he creates meals for my sorority house… because its a lot of work trying to feed 100+ women! The only thing I had some trouble on was trying to get good angles to show the viewers. Furthermore, this was my second time learning how to become better with the Adobe software so these two projects took me awhile. VO 1     VOSOTVO 1 



My second VO/VOSOTOV were interesting to shoot. I wanted to shoot something that I found interest in, that I enjoyed listening to and that I could expand my knowledge on. So I found out that CAPS was holding a seminar about mental health and how it can effect students. This was my first time bringing a camera into a seminar. A lot of people were suspicious about the camera. But it all turned out OK and I was allowed to recored. VO 2  VOSOTVO 2


                   My third VO/VOSOTVO were fun to shoot. My VO was about kids/family time at the Natural history museum at KU. I captured emotional, fun-filled shots of kids, parents, and grandparents. It was a happy time and the Natural History Museum was very nice to let me video this event. I became more confident as asking officials and those who put on events if I can shoot. My VOSOTVO, was also exciting to shoot. I watched a two hour Puerto Rican film about a man trying to find a better life in the United States. These two projects were fun and informative.

VO 3     VOSOTVO 3



My first package was fun to create. I worked with my partner in the class, Jackson. Jackson and I got along really well and had a great time together. We worked on our first package about two KU basketball players and coach Bill Self. It was fun seeing a different aspect of journalism, diving into the sports sides of things. I met new people while doing it and even got to see a live standup for one of the KC sports shows. First Package 1



My second package was done by myself. I was very excited to write a story on the topic I did, which was the renovations of the KU freshman dorm halls. This was thrilling to learn what actually went on in the freshman dorm halls by getting down to the nitty gritty of why the KU freshman dorm halls are so outdated and unhealthy to live it. It was interesting getting to interview three people and listening to their different view points on the topic. I enjoyed going out and shooting the shots as well. I liked watching the reconstruction of the dorms and seeing the dirty environment the freshmen live in and call home. I was glad I could cover this story and make sure to keep people aware that the freshman dorm halls need to be renovated and kept up to date. I enjoyed doing an informational piece for this class. Second Package 


My news break was so exciting to create and do. This was my favorite yet. I loved being able to act like I was a “real life” news anchor. Even though writing a script was hard for me at the beginning, I became ore confident and soon was able to love writing scripts. My favorite part was being able to make the script as exciting and interesting as I wanted it to be. I loved dressing up, seeing my classmates all dressed up and acting professional. Not other people I would have rather experienced those two news breaks than with the people I did it wth. Towards the end of my news break, I had to keep talking for 15 more seconds. That was the first time ever I was put on spot like that on live television. Im glad I experienced that though so I can be better next time. I was proud of myself for trying to look as natural as possible. I was told I looked very sincere on camera. News Break 


In conclusion, this journalism 550 class was one of my favorite classes I have ever taken in my entire student career. I thoroughly enjoyed my classmates, my professor and the projects that were assigned. I will be forever grateful for the obstacles I overcame. I will never forget all the memories and laughter, stress, and tears this class brought to my life. So… thank you to the 550 class for giving me a memory I will never forget! And thank you Dr. Collins… for showing me how a professor will go to the ends for her students because she cares so much for them. Thank you for teaching me how not to take life for granite and always enjoy the present because you never know where life may take you tomorrow. Oh, and thank you for teaching me what a VO, VOSOTVO, a package and a stand-up was.

-Olivia Roberts

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Final Reflection- Emma Fotovich

What a semester! At the start of the semester I remember being on my own. I didn’t really feel a need to talk to anyone, and I certainly didn’t feel like staying engaged in the class. To me, the class felt like another check in the box. Looking back on this is when I realized how wrong I was. This is the first class at K-U where I have felt like I have made lifelong friends, and I had the amazing opportunity to have Dr.Collins as a professor. I will never forget the times we had in class, and all of the times she has encouraged not just me but the rest of the class to succeed. With her mentor ship I finally felt like I was getting a full understanding of the career I’ve been perusing all this time.

My first assignment was a video essay and looking back I remember how I was more or less just trying to get by. I could have put more time into it or be more creative but I went with the bare minimum. Looking back I wish I had tried to use the advanced cameras. I could have been better prepared for future assignments if I had tried them out. I learned to not always stay within my comfort zone, and I should always try new things.

The next assignment was our first VO. I remember having an easy enough time shooting and editing, those are my strong points, but oh man I was nervous for reading allowed with the video!! I remember thinking, oh geez I don’t want to do a live package thing. Getting up in front of people is nerve-wracking for me, so this was a struggle but I overcame it. My lesson I learned is that there is nothing to fear because my whole class was rooting for me as we all grew closer.




Now, going with this VO was the accompanying VOSOTVO. I also struggled with this because I did not know how to use the audio kits here at KU. I was not well versed, and it showed in my final products because my audio was either spotty or nonexistent. I kept that in mind though as I continued through the class.  I did like my story topic, however. I was able to get some cool and creative shots of campus while the snow was still on the ground. That created another challenge though because the next day I went out to get a few more shots, all the snow had melted. I learned to always be proactive. News waits for no one.

The next VO I felt more confident in my abilities so I decided to go with a more difficult idea. I decided to film animals. I always underestimate how much pets hate cameras, but I continued with my original idea as I told the story of Kate and Jingles. I was glad to spend some time learning more about emotional support animals throughout the process, and I felt more confident with my reading abilities for this VO.




The next VOSOTVO I felt pretty comfortable with as well. Looking back on it, I wish I had picked two different topics to really challenge myself to do great things, but I’m content with how both these videos turned out. Again, I wish I had used an advanced camera, but it was not until later when I finally decided to give it a try. I mean, who wouldn’t be content spending time with this cute kitty?





Our final VO was over something near and dear to my heart. It is the place where I live, aka the scholarship halls. I wanted to do the piece as a way for people to learn more about them, because sometimes I feel like people forget the Scholarship halls exist. I felt as if I had done well with it, but I wanted to work harder on getting more interesting shots. The shots I got weren’t as great as they could have been.

My VOSOTVO was one that I was passionate about. I love to dance so it was fun to be in the environment and get fun and interesting shots. I also loved doing the interview I did, the person I picked was spunky and definitely interesting to talk to. I love seeing groups of people be passionate about something. I learned to always get more feet shots when doing videos on dance, though. I didn’t get enough and later I regretted it.

This marks the end of the VO and VOSOTVO as we moved full force into packages. I was a little nervous to do the packages because I personally have never had to use three different sources, but I worried for nothing as it all worked out. My partner Courtney and I had to go with plan B though for our package, because plan A fell through. We very quickly decided to re-visit my old VO, and I was given the opportunity to redeem myself. Our topic was on the Scholarship halls, and we got nicer shots, amazing interviews, and felt very confident about our package as we turned it in. I finally felt comfortable to use the advanced cameras as well. It was fun to work with Courtney on the project.

oooh, I also got to what I would consider to be the most awkward stand-up ever. Brace yourselves for a photo ahah.





Wow, I need to work on not being so awkward!

This brings us into the final leg of my class, the time where we all as a collective started swimming, the time of the final packages and the beginning of our News Breaks! I had the opportunity to do a package on an amazing classmate of mine. I was able to do a package on Cain Lever and his poetry event! The slam poetry event was so fun, if anyone has an opportunity to go then definitely do it!! I was super happy with how my package turned out, and with the exception of spelling Loville’s name wrong, I felt confident. (I promise he spelled it wrong I just wrote what he said!)

I had this feeling that I had really started swimming. And with the news breaks too I loved feeling like a true team with my classmates. We all worked really hard in that class, and we became so close that those news breaks were a perfect example of how far we came. I felt nothing but love and support from everyone, and I learned so much., I’m so glad I stuck with it.


Oof, another bad photo of me, I need to not be so awkward!

ALSO: Cain I swear if you don’t post that shot I got of you all over social media I will fight you!

Overall I really owe it to Dr. Collins and all of my classmates. Without them, this class would not have been possible. I really want to thank Dr. Collins for always believing in her students, and never ever thinking we couldn’t do it. Her positive attitude helped me through a rough semester, and made me value more than just the grade. I value the experience and the knowledge gained, as well as the friends I’ve made. You know you’ve became close with a class when you all want to stay in touch after the last day.


Overall I’m so glad I took this class. It has been the best opportunity given to me at KU, and I don’t regret anything about it. But hey, everyone always remember, Dr. Collins always wins the lottery! (Still salty about that question, but I will overlook it for the memories that this class gave.)

I LOVE YOU ALL! We did it!

-Emma Fotovich



Jasmine Keys Final Reflection

Before I could even type this, I started tearing up…standby….this class and semester have been quit the journey for me. Just like anybody in college, I had a lot of personal things going on and a busy schedule, but coming to this class everyday made me feel at home. I met so many great people, from all walks of life, that I hope to see or hear from in the future. I believe that everyone you met, makes an impact on your life and this is true with Dr. Collins. She was the first black female professor I ever had. I remember on the first day of class, I ran home to tell my mom how awesome that was, and how excited I was for the semester. I knew this class would be challenging but I was ready to sink AND swim!  Continue reading