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Describing A City With Art

A collection of diverse pieces of art representing Chicago at the Krannert Art Museum

Written by Bill Xun

Taken by Bill Xun

Between The Buildings: Art From Chicago, 1930s to 1980s is currently on display at the Krannert Art Museum. It’s amazing to see each artist’s individual perspectives and how they choose to represent the city that they live in. Some choose to use photos; others use sculptures, paintings, and all sorts of abstract art. Collectively, the entire exhibition gives viewers a summary of Chicago as a whole through a collection of pieces.

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The Rush, the Changes and the Innerself

Before going to Krannert Art Museum, I was expecting an exhibition that related more to architechture since the name was “between the buildings” (and apparently I omitted the word “between”). Disappointed to find that we have been there and seen some of the paintings, I then spent more than an hour at the gallery. I was utterly amazed by the thoughtfulness and introspection each piece of art brings.

I LOVE how much thought was put in this piece. The obsession with hair and pretty faces in media has a significant influence on our perception of beauty, and by showing only the back side of hair ironically, the creator demonstrated how hair is displayed as attractive in the media. The sarcasm in this artwork is awesome.



This sketch piece looks simple, but it is my favorite one at the gallery. Although it is not the most eye-catching artwork, it has THE perfect angle and composition and I felt its beauty. The shade was painted with a cursive manner, but it displays the contrast between light and shadow perfectly.



Here are two more pictures I took at the gallery. I’d like to explain more if I have time to, but in general I loved how “Eschikago” showed us the history of the First Nations, and the last piece demonstrated our inner fears and outer challenges in life.

Representing life in Chicago with Art

Written by Syed Ali

This week, the Krannert Art Museum held an exhibition, “Between the Buildings: Art from Chicago, 1930s – 1980s,”  that held various paintings and art sculptures representing Chicago/life in Chicago. Various artists created differing themes about what aspects of Chicago are most important and how they can be represented. Continue reading

Chicago between the paintings

In a sunny peaceful afternoon, I went into the krannert museum,starting a new exploration.

Written by Linjie Yang

Since  I only have been to Chicago downtown only one time, I do not know much about this city. I just want to command some of these paintings.

The first painting  left me a strong impression is this “three women”. This painting wants to illustrate the women in different colors own the same right and should be treated equally.What’s more, this painting was finished in the late 19’s. At that time, only a few people had the awareness of advocating women’s rights. From this particular detail, I think Chicago is an elightning city.


The second piece is this giant painting. During my first glance, I was shocked. Because the style of the painting is very Japanese.  Due to there is no annotation along sides this painting, I can not find further information on this piece. I am conjecturing if there is a special relationship between Chicago and Japanese.

 The last one is this pretty metal style piece. The only item I could recognize in the painting is a robot. I spent much time in front of this painting, and I like the color of it. I don't know why but I just felt this painting looks very 'Chicago.' Maybe this painting leaves me the same impression as Chicago did.