Daily Archives: November 17, 2018

Jungle Book Chronicles

You only live once, because you can never know what will happen in the next moment.

By: Deja Cook- Reynolds

From the beginning of this performance, Virago- Man Dem, I thought there was something peculiar about this piece. The dancers were all standing at different corners, they appear at different times, and they just seemed a little too still for me, since they weren’t moving at first. Then, they began to move, but not in the way that most people would consider dancing. They started to shake, scratch, slow motion stepping, and I couldn’t help to but think about what the HELL did I get myself into.  The dancers looked like they were having an outer body experience, and I didn’t know if they need help or if they were trying to reveal the unknown to me. But I  know one thing is for sure, I couldn’t stop watching.  Continue reading

A Transformation Through Dance

Written by Andrew Duran,

A ticket to transformation

Going into this performance, I was pretty pumped to enter the world of dance since it is a true passion of mine. I didn’t know much about this performance but it was something that I was excited to figure out as the night went on.  Continue reading