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Shanghai Ballet: Falling in Love with Butterflies

The Shanghai Ballet, “The Butterfly Lovers” in the Tryon Festival Theater of the Krannert Center for Performing Arts. Performed January 29, 2020.

Written by Jacob M. Rominger

On January 29, 2020, I was welcomed to a performance of The Butterfly Lovers by the Shanghai Ballet. As one not well-acquainted with ballet, I found myself enjoying fully the experience offered without hint of confusion. 


My seat and the very essential program including the plot of the performance.
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Star Crossed Lovers

The Shanghai Ballet comes to town with their show The Butterfly Lovers!

Written by Moises Sedano

The show took place at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in the Tryon Festival Theatre as the Shanghai Ballet wowed us with their movements and passion. These group of ballet dancers did an excellent job of bringing to life the story of two lovers who are denied of being together.

The entrance of the Tryon Festival Theatre as people were entering to enjoy the show.
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Shanghai Ballet Performs: The Butterfly Lovers

“The Butterfly Lovers” was performed by The Shanghai Ballet in the Tryon Festival Theater of the Krannert Center for Performing Arts.
-Written by Daniel Holley

A sizable audience files into the Tryon Festival Theater, eager for the show to begin.
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Butterfly Lovers—Amazing traditional Chinese love story— “Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet”

This wonderful ballet performance, The Butterfly Lovers, was performed by Shanghai Ballet in the Tryon Festival Theater on January 19, 2020. This is a traditional Chinese love story and touched tragedy. The main characters in this show, Liang and Zhu, did not get married at the end, but they became butterflies so that they can accompany each other forever.

Written by Bingchen Li


Ballet dancers use different movements to help audiences to understand what going on, so you will never hear a dialogue in a ballet show. In this wonderful performance, the most impressive movement used to exhibit emotion is when Zhu knew that her father had already arranged her marriage to Ma instead of her true love Liang, her body was really stiff. When Ma carried Zhu on his shoulders, Zhu had no movement just like a dead person. It is a vivid body language that audiences could feel her hopelessness. Also, in Act two, Farewell, audiences could see that all the animals live and play in pairs, and their movements are so energetic. With the description of vitality, audiences could feel the hits of the chemical reaction between those two youngsters.

Breathtaking background image
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Conveying Tragic Love Through Ballet: “The Butterfly Lovers”

The Shanghai Ballet performed “The Butterfly Lovers”, a Chinese tale, at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in the Tryon Theatre on January 29.

Written by Grace Chen

I went into the performance knowing little about the story of “The Butterfly Lovers” and I purposefully did not look at the provided summary so I would be surprised by the performers. It turned out to be a great learning experience in trying to create my own interpretation of the dancers’ message.

My ticket in front of the theatre.
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