Jasmine Keys – Reflection 1 (VO, VOSOTVO, Video Essay)

This class has been pretty challenging so far, and I was not expecting to do this much in a month and a half. I like challenging though, and I think I have grown and learned so much already! Having a new professor and starting a new class can be very stressful but I think we all will get a hang of it. I’ve also been stressed because I have other intense classes this semester and it’s lowkey kicking my butt. I also have two jobs so I’m really getting experience this semester and I don’t want to complain.

For the first assignment we did, which was the Video Essay we could shoot anything. This is good and bad because my mind was all over the place. I think I work better with having a main theme then being able to shoot anything. I will be honest I waited last minute to pick a topic and shoot so it wasn’t my best work. I tried and did what I could and it actually turned out pretty okay after editing. I also take very long to edit so this was another challenge for me, but I was forced to get it together.

For the VO/VOSOTVO project, I wanted to do way better than our first project. I tried to get a better camera put waited again last minute to film, so I got stuck with the Canon. I learned this is a problem for me and I need to start getting better at narrowing down a topic fast. I think this is my number one problem and I think too hard or broad about topics. However, on this assignment I was a little faster about editing and had better shots. I can only get better from here and critiques we get in class really do help. I plan to use the JVC camera for my next assignments and make sure to watch out for bad audio because that seems to be a problem as well.I also need to work on more conversational scripts.

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Video Essay: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvWqgOWxB4Q

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