Reflection – VOSOTVO – Jose Montoya

I feel really good. Before I met Dr. Janice Collins I knew this was designed to challenge students in the newsroom. When I got to class on the first day, I was even more excited to go on this journey to better my reporting skills.

So far our class has done a VO, Video Essay and VOSOTVO. The Video Essay was fine. I enjoyed doing the assignment and had fun with the editing process. I shot the video on 2 SD cards and ended up misplacing one of them. This meant I only had a little footage to work with. It made me upset, but I’m glad my Plan B ended up working out. Another unfortunate part was having little nat sound. The group I filmed did not give excitement when they scored and I did not get my money shot while keeping the camera on the tripod. Overall, it was not a hard assignment and I am looking forward to doing more Video Essay’s in the future.

As for the VO and VOSOTVO, there are so many options to film. I did not have time to get any footage until 12 hours before leaving to Indianapolis. I decided to film my advisor and have him talk about Greek Life. There have been four deaths on college campuses in the last 14 months because of alcohol related incidents. That is how I wrote my VO script. I think it worked out well and I am excited to do another one next week.

I am also happy how the script to my VOSOTVO turned out. I feel like the words were conversational and gave meaning to the story I was trying to tell. The story idea also flowed smoothly and it was a topic I knew a lot about. I think I should continue improving my editing skills especially with audio. Another thing that needs to improve is having the interview match with nat sound throughout the story. Overall, these things will improve by practicing more and more.

As a class, I think we did a great job at focusing on the assignment. All of our projects came out good and I am excited for next week’s videos.

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