Staying Clean VOSOTVO Reflection Courtney Johnson

“Say it, see it” and “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable” has been my biggest take away thus far from Jour 550. When I don’t know something I begin to feel uncomfortable but this class is preparing me for that. This class has been challenging for me, but it is making a better journalist.

Our first project was a video essay, and I didn’t know what to expect. The video essay went well because it was a simple assignment however, I did overthink it. When I thought out my video, I just knew it would be like the Instagram makeup tutorials. That idea failed because I simply didn’t follow the instructions. If I had to do my video essay over I would move my camera to get close-ups and shoot in sequence (wide, medium and tight shots). I know that was preparation for our VOSOTVO and it truly helped.

The VOSOTVO and VO was the next project we had. I completely overthought this because I was too concerned about how to do the actual project. I never did a VOSOTVO, so I was nervous how mine would turn out. My script writing and shots are starting to improve. When I do my next VOSOTVO and VO I will add padding to my last shot, to save me from dipping to black. I will also work on my timing with my script and videos.

As I watch my classmates videos, I don’t think they are better because we are all on the same level. However, when they receive feedback I take that into consideration for my own video. We’re all growing together and learn something from each other’s projects. We’ve been thrown in the deep end, but we’ll swim together to succeed.

Courtney Johnson 


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