Olivia Roberts: VOSOTVO Reflection

I thought this previous week was hard. Leading up to presenting my VOSOTVO was very challenging. The reason why I thought it was challenging was because I have never created or even put together a VO or a VOSOTVO. I had trouble of knowing where to put my video clips or  how it needed to look like. Getting Dr. Collins insight on how it should look was very helpful. Furthermore, I thought getting one-on-one attention was very much needed. It helped me by putting me the same page and understanding what was needed for this assignment. I think these one-on-one times will be very beneficial. Creating and making VO and VOSOTVO’s are not easy to make. In other words, I liked this project. Even though i found it very difficult throughout, I am happy I have the basis and building blocks of knowing how to make one. This time and for the rest, it won’t be as hard.

I enjoyed watching everybody’s VOSOTVO’s. I thought they were all very good and nicely put together. In a way, I feel very accomplished that I know how to make a VO and VOSOTVO. In the beginning of this project, I didn’t even know what those terms meant. So I am very proud of myself for taking the time learn this, get a better foundation, ask questions, and be able to learn it. Making this next one coming up won’t be as much of a struggle because i will be better at making it and have a better understanding of what its supposed to look like.

For this coming up VOSOTVO, I will work on presenting by keep my tone of voice at the same level. What I mean by this is that I will not always have different tones or emphasize one of my word or sentences like I have been in the past.  Ido like presenting though and working on my voice, making eye contact, and gaining confidence. In the end, I will be a pro at all of the things I had no idea I could!

The picture I inserted into this blog was my favorite clip in my VOSOTVO. This picture was part of my first shot starting my video. I liked it because it showed Chef Nate walking into the kitchen preparing to make everybody dinner and that was what my VOSOTVO was about. I thought this clip set the scene and mood for and gave a good idea of what the VOSOTVO would be about.

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