Tiffany Littler: Reflection of progress so far


The video essay was easy for me because I killed two birds with one stone. At work, I got sent to cover a church on fire. I thought this would be a simple VO to use for the video essay. One issue I had though, is I misunderstood the way Dr. Collins wanted our scripts structured. So during class I was scrambling to write everything down on a piece of paper before it was my turn to present.




My VO/VOSOTVO 1 felt like a bit of a train wreck. There was miscommunication between officials at the rec center and it felt like it took awhile to get an interview set up. So I wrote down different ideas and made it to Plan E. Thankfully, my Plan A worked.



I got the interview done and wanted to get b-roll done of the rec center, but the woman I needed to speak with about what I was allowed to shoot, was on lunch. So I had to come back a few hours later to get the b-roll and everything worked out.



The VO/VOSOTVO 2 was much easier for me than the first one. I didn’t have any issues with miscommunication between employees. I didn’t have an interview set up beforehand, but I didn’t have any issues with getting a quick soundbite.



Getting video was hard because it was a very windy day and dirt was flying everywhere. Despite that, I think it turned it alright.



Originally, I wasn’t sure what to do for the VO/VOSOTVO 3. I used to cover a lot of sports, so I figured it would be fun to cover the last women’s basketball home game of the season. I thought I could use it for my VOSOTVO because getting a SOT would be easy with the post-game press conference.


Then I realized I wouldn’t be able to transcribe the interview properly, so I just decided to use it for my VO. I had a hard time editing because the main focus was the seniors, but I also wanted some action shots. Really, only one of the seniors made a great play and that was on defense. I think it worked out in the end, because I used a lot of closeups of the seniors getting recognized.

The interview went great for my VOSOTVO, however trying to get good b-roll was difficult. The tripod I had was very unstable. The light panel I had flickered. I didn’t have time to check out different equipment and redo everything, so I just worked with what I had. I’ve had many issues with equipment and have said something each time I check the equipment back in, but nothing seems to be done. That makes it sometimes hard to get good video. Other than that, I was satisfied with my VOSOTVO.



So far in this class, I’ve improved with time management and organization. I’ve learned to listen more, because there are very important details in our assignments that I sometimes forget. I’m looking forward to making packages and news breaks and hope I can continue improving and make things I can use for my newsreel.

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  1. student9

    Hey Tiff,

    I really liked your work. I definitely can see an improvement in your work from the first video essay to the last vosotvo and vo. You wrote towards your video a lot more as we did more projects. You also got better shots. The first vo and vosotvo had good video, but could’ve used more video of smoke, fire, or the firemen working. However, I know it’s difficult to be on the scene when all the action is going on while being a full-time student. I saw improvement in your video about the rec center. You got a lot of good video that you could write to. All your shots made sense and it wasn’t just random videos of the rec. I’d try to work on the quality of your shots outside, however. In your groundbreaking VO, it looks like the white balance is off. I don’t know what kind of camera you used, but in the future, I would work on figuring out how to get good color in your outside shots so that the blue in the sky stands out form the white in the subjects clothes. I really enjoyed your WBB VO. I thought you’re shots were really good and varied in a way that kept the video interesting to watch. I also really liked your VO. I’ve noticed that you’re really good at framing your interviews and finding a good background for your interviewee. I like your use of closeups and wide shots. I’d continue to look for creative closeups to help move your story, but I think you’ve done a great job so far!

    Keep it up Tiff!

    -Cain Lever

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