Jackson Schneider Self Reflection – March 7, 2018

Our first video project in JOUR 550 was one that I was excited, yet unsure about. Being a person who has focused far more on radio than video, I had a lot of skills to try and develop. I was relatively pleased with how this project turned out, considering it was the first video we did, but the shaky shots really irritated me. That, of course, can be attributed to me forgetting a tripod (yikes). That, however, is a lesson that I learned the hard way, and you can bet I won’t do that again. View my Video Essay .

I was more comfortable with how my first VO/VOSOT project. The subject was something that I am involved in and passionate about, so it was fun to cover. I thought that my soundbite was interesting, but I will agree it is a bit long. I think that the nat-sound I got could have been better. I probably should have integrated more music into it, consdering the topic is a radio station’s battle of the bands. Overall, I think as a first VO/VOSOT, the project turned out well. View my  VOSOT 1 .

There are few better ways to illustrate stories being everywhere than my VO/VOSOT 2. I racked my brain for days trying to find a topic, but couldn’t seem to find one. Then, one day, while sitting in the newly revamped KU Union dining area, I thought to myself, “wow, this is so much nicer than it used to be, I bet people really like it.” From there, I shot up and ran to get a camera and I knew exactly what to do. I think that my shots fit “say it–see it” fairly well for this video, as well as giving a relatively boring topic some life. I think that the project turned out really well! View my VOSOT 2 .

Generally, you would expect that a student would gradually progress with each attempt at a VO/VOSOT, but I honestly feel as though I regressed a bit. I struggled with windy conditions and a shaky tripod, had some blurry shots, and conducted an interview with bad lighting. All of this combined to create a very average product. All things considered, I think it could have turned out far worse, but I’ll take it for now and must improve as we move forward towards packages. I can’t continue to make no or minimal progress if I hope to get where I want to go someday! View my VOSOT 3 

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-Jackson B. Schneider

1 thought on “Jackson Schneider Self Reflection – March 7, 2018

  1. student13 Post author

    Jackson, being your partner I think you have really improved. The things I think you have improved on would be your ideas for your VOSOTVO’s and your thought process of each one. Even though you and I both know you do have some shaky shots throughout, that does not mean they were bad shots or bad ideas. You learned your lesson about your shots being shaky and understand what you have to do now. For example, the first VOSOTVO you did, most of the clips were shaky and the last VOSOTVO you did was shaky to. But like I said, that doesn’t mean they were bad at all! However, when you looked back and knew that they were shaky, and admitted to it, I think that’s a great first step in realizing being honest with yourself will help you grow and become a better student. You will then begin to learn more and realize the things you can do to better yourself for the next time. One example, I loved your third VOSOTVO. I think your NAT sound in the video was awesome. I loved hearing the baseball player swing the bat and hearing the baseball hit the bat itself. I think it gave the VOSOTVO meaning and emphasis and grabbed the viewers’ attention. Another example, I liked your video essay. I thought it was fun to watch. I also think that some of the shakiness made a couple of the clips fun to watch because as a viewer, I felt like I was there at the game. I felt like I could feel the crowd moving and everybody screaming and getting excited for the game. In general, I loved all of your topics for your VOTSOTVO’s and VO’s. I think they were great. Another note, like Dr. Collins has mentioned to all of us about our interviews, we need to work on the rule of thirds. That means not having the person looking straight into the camera! Even I have to work on that myself. I think you have great footage and clips. Furthermore, I think you have great confidence and standing up in front of the class never is easy but I think you do a great job. Also, you have a strong voice for everyone to hear. On another note, I think your VO’s were good to. My only criticism for that is your first VO 1 and VO 2, all the clips were a little too up close. I was wanting some wider shots. Your third VO, I loved the idea. It was touching, sweet, and emotional. I think those three components make a good video because people can relate and understand the feelings. In conclusion, I think your clips were great, your thought process is great because you are honest with yourself but also enjoy going out and learning more through each video you have done. Keep up the good work partner!
    -Olivia Roberts

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