Reflection #2 – Jose Montoya

The last six weeks have been really fun. Our class has worked on a few style of videos including: a Video Essay, VO and VOSOTVO. The next thing we are working on are packages. Overall, I am excited for the next six weeks of the class.

In the video essay, I ran into a few problems. I misplaced one of my SD cards which didn’t help me when I was trying to film for this video. I also had very terrible audio quality for my project. I enjoyed the script I wrote to the project and think it was a great learning experience for me.

In the first VO and VOSOTVO, I talked about KU Greek Life. One of the issues I ran into was the fact that I was leaving to Indianapolis on Thursday morning and the assignment needed to be turned into Dr. Collins that same day at five. It was hard to think of an idea so I used my Current Event #2 for an idea.

In the second VO and VOSOTVO I couldn’t come up with an idea that would work for our class. I was going to film the women‘s basketball game, but it didn’t seem like a good idea at the time. Too bad because this was the game the Jayhawks beat #23 Oklahoma State. Instead, I wrote about school being canceled. I think my NAT sound was wonderful, but I was disappointed when I saw my final video. I felt like I did a good job on the video, but I noticed some mistakes that I knew I could fix in the next assignment.

In the third video I was set to get the best NAT Sound possible. I chose to use RISE at the St. Lawrence Center for my VOSOTVO and the KU Women’s Basketball game for my VO. They both turned out great and I am happy that I chose these topics. This time I didn’t run into many issues and the editing process went fairly smoothly.

Personally I think the class is going well overall. One goal I have for this next project is to ask for help. I don’t think I am great at asking for help and I think that could improve my academic performance in this class.

Video Essay “Frisbee with Friends”:

VO 1 “Greek at KU”:

VOSOTVO 1 “To be Greek at KU”:

VO 2 “Classes Canceled Tuesday“:

VOSOTVO 2 “Ice Storm Cancels Classes”:

VO 3 “Unlucky Senior Night”:

VOSOTVO 3 “Good News at RISE”:

St. Lawrence Center Activity

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  1. student12

    I think what makes Jose really successful in this class is his confidence. He always has a smile on his face and comes off really likable when he’s reading a script. Throughout the class he has been strong with his performance in my opinion. Starting with the video essay, I definitely think that if there wasn’t going to be nat sound that the choice of music was really nice. It added to the “fun” style of the video, and it was nice that I could still here the wind. I was definitely missing some tight shots of the frisbee or of their feet running or something, I think that would have been really neat. For his first Vo and VoSotVo, I thought the topic was really smart. Greek life is so prevalent on KU’s campus and everyone knows at least a couple people involved in it! I wish there was a shot of maybe one of the frat houses as an establishing shot, and again I was wanting more tight shots. I really loved Jose’s Vo and VoSotVo 2. The nat sound was definitely the best, I really loved how you could hear the guy walking in the ice, and then him scraping off his car. The bulldozer shot was also really cool. He definitely got better tight shots with this one, the icicle shot was really great. The only thing I wish he had done differently was use some kind of background for his lower third instead of the bright red, it just didn’t look as professional. For Jose’s Vo, I don’t know if it was my computer or what but for some reason this video was glitching. I thought the vibrant colors and shots were really good, and I liked the nat sound but maybe bringing down the levels a bit would’ve been good because it was mostly the crowd screaming. There was a pan shot when they were shooting a basket but I thought it worked, I think in that case it’s more important to get the shot of the ball going in then to stay still. I really liked his VoSotVo, I thought the shots were really nice and the topic was interesting because of the Easter season. The nat sound with the singing was really lovely. However, I was missing a tight shot here too. Overall, I think Jose has definitely progressed in this class and his work has been very good. My favorite of his videos would have to be his Vo and VoSotVo 2, but I think he’s put quality work out there since his first video essay.

    -Cassidy Ragland

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