For the first assignment we did was the video essay. I thought this would be a fun easy topic to cover because I had a lot of thins going on in my personal life or a lot of things were happening around campus that I thought it would be easy to catch on camera. When I decided to do the topics of Rock Chalk Revue during rehearsal I was so excited to film. However, I learned that it was not such an easy process. I learned that you really have to move with the camera to get those “golden shots.”

For our VOSOTVOs these videos have probably been the most difficult for me to accomplish. The reason I say this is because for starters I have never made a full news package before. After being assigned one almost every week you really had to look around and see what was newsworthy. This was probably the hardest part because once you found something that is news worthy, then you had to schedule and interview and make sure it was okay with the person to video interview them. Also, it was difficult asking around for peoples consent to video them if they were in your shots because most of the time they said no and were not comfortable and then I had to start all over.

For my first VOSOTVO I did it on the weather because, the weather is always newsworthy, right? I found myself enjoying doing this assignment because I was surprised at what I accomplished. Also I enjoyed the topic because since it was such nice weather outside it was fun filming the warm, sunny weather and seeing people enjoy it just as much as me. It put everyone in a happy mood and I can tell everyone is ready for spring to come.

The last VOSOTVO I had the most difficult time. I learned that you always have to have a plan B, C, …and sometimes even D. I planned to do a different news story but when I came home no sound picked up. Then when I decided to do my plan B they were not comfortable with an interview so I had to go with a plan C. This plan C was Rock Chalk Revue and it actually turned out very well. I can also tell everyone loved being on camera and always asked me a ton of questions if they can be in the video. This was just fun because I was in a show of Rock Chalk Revue and showing off all of our hard work was really rewarding.

I also had a hard time trying to shoot our VO that we had to do. This was because it fell on the same weekend that I had to have different plan B, C, and D’s. However, in the end everything pulls through! Doing the news package on the app JoyRun ended up actually begin really fun and I loved every minute filming it!

I think I improved definitely on the shakiness of my shots. In the very beginning I would shake around because I did not use everything with a tripod. Also, I think my lighting has improved tremendously. For example, in the video essay, which was our first assignment we had to do, almost all the shots were dark or yellow. In the last assignment, my VOSOTVO Turn Back the Clock, all the shots are bright and in focus.




  1. student1

    Hi Katie,

    I can defiantly see how you have improved through your projects. I loved that you did Rock Chalk review for your video essay. The nat sound you got was awesome.

    Throughout all of your VOSOTVOs I’ve seen you be able to improve when reading your scripts. Each one you seem more comfortable and your scripts have improved too.

    I know you had issues with both. cameras and with audio not picking up but your ability to go from plan a through about plan g was commendable. Many people would’ve given up but you did not.

    I think one thing you could improve on is going outside of your comfort zone in your videos. A lot of them are within things you are involved in and I would love to see you go farther out of what you know.

    I think the obvious have improved with shaky shots and interview framing. You can see from the video essay to your last VOSOTVO how much better your shots are and the movement within them.

    I can’t wait to see what you do the rest of the semester.

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