A night of clashing music

Written by Syed Ali

The Krannert Opening Night Party at the Krannert Center of Performing Arts was a fun, loud, and joyful experience. With interchanging colors and music at every corner, it was a rather unique experience for me.

I enjoyed the colorful atmosphere and the bands/music the most at the party. The singers and musicians were mostly new to me but I ended up loving their music. In the beginning, it was the New Orleans Jazz Machine that began jazzing things up in the studio theatre. Following them was Ranky Tanky and the spontaneous Mucca Pazza.

The smooth jazz was nice to listen to, especially after the stressful first weeks of college. While I’m not generally a big fan of jazz, the Jazz Machine crew really made the night dance-worthy. At some point, I saw people dancing away to the right of the studio; the music was light but moving, and I was excited to stick around.

Ranky tanky was another music group that really brightened the mains stage of the center. The loud trumpet, the singing, and the guitar made the experience really stand out. I noticed (rather late of me) that the lights constantly changed from one color to another. It made things pop out, complimenting the music nicely. The sounds of people laughing and dancing only added to the already lively atmosphere.

After the performances of Ranky Tanky came the band Baracutanga. Their music brought South American rhythms onto the stage and made a seamless transition to a different atmosphere. I really enjoyed the distinct singing and the fun collaboration the band had to bring the music alive.

Afterwards, I got to enjoy a late night band performance by AJ Ghent. His music really brought things together. With his funk/blues style music and expert guitar playing, it was a great way to end the night.

Ranky Tanky, my favorite music group from the night 

Seven-piece band Baracutanga

Pop-Up performance by Mucca Pazza

AJ Ghent – the party just started






Photos by Syed Ali




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