Dream of Krannert-50th Anniversary Celebration

Written by Tim Gao

Krannert Center was established at September 7th, 1968. Yesterday was its 50th anniversary and there was big cultural exchange eventat night for celebration.

Photo by Tim Gao

Mucca Pazza

Photo by Tim Gao

The event officially starts at 6:30 p.m. with the amazing celebration kick off performed by Mucca Pazza. The whole orchestra is dressed up like a group of nutcrackers with delicate clothes. This is a special group, which was not performed on the stage. They were performing among the crowd and trying to interact with the people around them. Their passionate performance  led the enthusiasm of people in the center. More and more people were getting closer to the crowd  and started dancing around the orchestra because of the brisk and active rhyme. The kick off was so impressive that makes people hard to forget.

Ranky Tanky

Photo by Tim Gao

The second show i watched was performed by Ranky Tanky in front the Foellinger Great Hall. Ranky Tanky is the band from South Carolina, which performs the timeless music of Gullah culture. The music is very rhythmic and the whole band is lead by the singer. The music cooperates with the colorful neon lights, makes the atmosphere of the  Krannert Center becomes extremely attractive and active.



There were many other wonderful performances in different sides of the Krannert Center. Meanwhile, people were enjoying the delicious food and immersed in the beautiful music.

Photo by Tim Gao

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