Krannert’s 50th Anniversary!!

A crazy opening night full of music, food, and lights.

By Bill Xun

The outside of Krannert

The opening night party at the Krannert Center was an extravagant celebration of the arts. With dazzling lights and more performances than you can count on one hand, the party was worthy of the 50th years of Krannert history.

The party began with local food from Champaign-Urbana restaurants and bakeries. Then, one of the most spontaneous performances of the night and one of my favorites, Mucca Pazza, started dancing across the Krannert floor, playing crazy rock music. Their eclectic costumes, crazy dance moves, and upbeat sound put the crowd into an exciting mood, which set the scene for the rest of the night.

Mucca Pazza

Next was Ranky Tanky, a band playing a mix of music from countries around the world. Their incredible and diverse sound filled the air.

Next door, in the Studio Theater, was the New Orleans Jazz Machine. The studio had a more traditional jazz stage, with the performers on stage, and the audience sitting in the surrounding tables. It was a much more relaxed setting where you could peacefully enjoy your food to the comforting Dixieland tunes by the band.

New Orleans Jazz Machine

Ranky Tanky

It was awesome to see the Krannert Center bring together all types of people. The varied food, music and atmosphere — from Mucca Pazza performing on the floor, to the bands performing on the main stage, and the jazz combo playing in the Studio Theater — made sure that there was something for everyone. It really showed a taste of all the Krannert Center had to offer and showed just a fraction of the various types of performances from the past, present, and future. Most importantly, the opening  party fostered a sense of community and provided a night of fun, no matter who you were or how old you were.

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