Krannert-A Magical Night

Written by Yining Wei

The 50th anniversary opening party at Krannert last Friday was a fabulous celebration of art and culture. What I loved the most were the live bands, which were Ranky Tanky and Baracutanga. Their music was funky and jazzy, and I loved how creative and spontaneous their music sounds.

It was already 7pm when I arrived, and the classmates and professors were nowhere to find. The Krannert was packed with people of all ages, but predominantly adults in their forties or above, and college kids who were either volunteering or just here for the party. Little kids too, running around  with their parents and giggling nonstop with their buddies. I had to find the professors. So I sqeezed myself into the crowd, saying ‘sorry’ and ‘excuse me’ every two seconds. Everyone was enjoying the show and partying with the appropriate tipsiness-partying like real adults. But I could still smell the strong scent of wine and beer when I was crossing the room and I was not a fan of that.

It was loud in the hall, the music was Jazzy and fun, and the people around were having a great time. The purple, red and blue lights was constantly moving and changing its colors. That dizziness from the loud music and the ever-changing colors of the lights got my head spinning a little too much. I liked the music. I liked how the old ladies had feathers in their hair like Kathy Bates did in Disjointed and how they were dancing with so much simple joy and happiness.




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