Making it Happen: Krannert’s Opening Night

Written by Alyssa Pappas

While I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the amazing performances at the Opening Night of the Krannert Center of Performing Arts, none of it would have been possible without the people who made it happen.

Photo By A.Pappas

Photo by A.Pappas


First of all, this jazz band made this crowd happen. They brought all of these people together to experience their music. That is amazing to me.

It was definitely the highlight of my night.  I absolutely love jazz! Getting to see it live was a great experience!


Yet, this would not have been possible without other people who were actually not in the band.

These people are the production crew and staff. Maybe it is because I work at a job in which I help with production as well, but I really did not want their work to go unnoticed.

Photo by A.Pappas


For example, there was this man in the room in which a jazz band was.  This man worked on the levels of the different instruments and really supported the band.

So, seeing him aid the band that I loved listening to was really interesting!


Photo by A.Pappas


Other people who also had a huge impact on the night, was those who helped with the children crafting center.

My experience with them was extremely positive. They were super helpful and kind to everyone who wanted to craft.



Photo by A.Pappas


All of the work, all of the behind the scenes people, and all of the acts/musicians, made this all happen. They all brought a huge group of people to experience a night filled with music and art.

So, a huge thank you to all of those who contributed to making the night happen and making this experience one I will never forget.


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