Happy 50th Anniversary Krannert!!!

Written by Kamani Harris

Photo by Kamani Harris

Walking into the Krannert Center for Performing Arts for the first time this semester brought back so many memories of going to Black Chorus practice and performances and also the awesome performances I saw during my theater classes. I reflected about how much I really admire and appreciate this place and why I feel so much excitement going to this celebration of there 50th year. I couldn’t wait to be in a place with many others who are also as grateful and adoring as I am.

Once arriving and walking past the crowd and food stands to meet my class, instructors, and the President of the Krannert Center, I was filled with anxiousness to go out and see the performances, crafts, and fun to come.

Photo by Kamani Harris Instructors and President caught in the commotion

I really enjoy the personalities of my instructors and classmates, which made it easy for me to go out and explore what there is to offer. We started by playing a name game, which was fun and stressful at the same time but took off any nervousness I had. Once we were done, we were off! I was greeted by a loud band with so much energy, passion, fun, and goofiness. They played their music loud, were in everyone’s face and mirrored the energy that I felt within myself. I was so pumped up and excited to celebrate Krannert’s Anniversary and loving everything around me.

Photo by Kamani Harris The Opening Band

I went on to watch more bands that incorporated different genres and represented Krannert’s diverseness shown within the Center. The music played showed how so many people from different background, not even involving art, can come and celebrate the creativity and art that Krannert has brought us.

Photo by Kamani Harris

Photo by Kamani Harris

I saw my Choir teacher, listened to great music, and created a paper flower. I think the paper flowers really encompassed how I felt about the first event of the semester.  They represented the blossoming of the diversity there is in art and the many ways to interpret and enjoy them. Whether it be because you enjoy music, food, art, or people, this celebration was able to bring many people into one environment to admire the creativity brought to us by Krannert and help me realize how much Krannert has actually affected in my life.

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