All about Krannert Center for the Performing Art’s 50th Anniversary Opening Celebration.

Written by: Fatimah Ibidunni

Lobby on Opening Night

I’ve never seen Krannert come to life in the way it did last Friday night for the 50th Anniversary Opening Celebration. Wow. I knew Krannert was a big deal, but until this moment I didn’t realize how much of a big deal it really was. There were tons of people who filled the lobby young and old alike.


Being a child and making a flower





Adults enjoyed casual drinks amongst the many (and I mean many) bars located throughout the lobby, and kids enjoyed the crafts that were set up downstairs. What was common for everyone young or old was the genuine enjoyment of great food and music present at the opening event.


Trombone player who took his role VERY seriously!



My favorite part of the night had to be the performance by the band! They would situate in an area of the lobby and perform Jazz tunes. These students were very into their character and really made the music great to listen to but also fun to watch them in action.



Soundboard used to control sounds during performances



What about what goes on behind the scenes? It takes a lot of work to make sure the sounds from the performances were heard in great quality. I had a chance to interact with the guy behind the soundboard and let me tell you all that stuff is very complicated and they deserve their props too!


Happy 50th Anniversary!





All in all, I enjoyed my time at the opening party. If anything I wish I stayed longer throughout the night to see the party really get started once everyone had a few drinks in them. I thought the ambiance was fantastic and it just has me geared up to see what the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts has in store through this year of celebration!

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