For your Senior Year To-Do consideration…

Written by: Nora Guerrero

Light projection of the Krannert Center’s Opening Night.

The Krannert Opening Night Party celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Krannert Performing Arts Center. A night full of community, local food and beer/wine vendors, and music surrounded hundreds of eager faces. As a Graphic Design senior in the college of Fine and Applied Arts, I had never in all my college career visited an opening night party. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to have experienced it my last year. I would highly recommend this event to students for things to do before they graduate!

La Casa holds a kids arts and crafts center.

At first, the event was overwhelming with the amount of sensory overload. There’s sound, smell, taste, and touch – all in one area. You are surrounded by many people of all ages. There was a craft zone held by La Casa, where children could go and make some crafts. And there were also adult activities like wine tasting and various food vendors to try.


Mucca Pazza kicks off the night by entertaining the crowd.


One of the interesting acts of the night was Mucca Pazza from Chicago. The group danced and filled the space with drums and music in the lobby, forming a conga line to lead the group from one side to another. Crowds gathered to watch and listen to the entertainment. They move so fast you have to be quick on your feet and not blink! Even the camera couldn’t capture the moment. You just had to be in it.






New Orleans Jazz Machine plays for the crowd.

Inside the Studio Theatre were the New Orleans Jazz Machine. They played Jazz music and a couple of people danced in front of the stage – old and young!

My next favorite band was the Ranky Tanky. With soulful voices, entertaining personalities, and rhythmic beats, the crowd couldn’t help but sing along with them.






Weiskamp Screenprinting sets up shop for people to print their own posters.

Interesting vendors of the night were the Weiskamp Screen Printing who had set up a table for people to screen print the Krannert’s Anniversary poster. People were happy to print their own poster and take it home with them.

The combination of all creative arts in one location was fun and entertaining. The experience is definitely worth trying and getting to know the culture of the Krannert Center made it all worth while. So, why isn’t this event already added in the senior bucket list located in the back of student planners?!

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