Such a ‘Peculiar’ Performance

I watched the first performance I’ve watched in Krannert art museum last night.

written by LinJie Yang

I just had a quick review of the material professor given us before the performance. To be honest, it made me really uncomfortable to see such a dreadful ‘statue’ standing in the center of the hall when I just entered in.  The statue looked like a monster with 3 human-like faces, four arms, and four legs. Its limbs were all tied by strings.                                                                                           

photoed by Linjie Yang

Suddenly, all the lights were shut off and the background music was started playing. The ‘statue’  waked up and started struggling. The movement of the ‘monster’ became more furiously as time passed and its arms and legs fall into the ground piece by piece gradually.                                                                      

photoed by Linjie

From my perspective,  the monster symbolized those people in colors who camouflaged themselves and tried to integrate the white society. They finally lost themselves and became such kind of ‘monster’.  The struggle was kind of a soul-searching process. And each time a limb fall down indicated progress was made. In the end, a pure black person came out from the white crust. I think it suggests the guy finally being himself again and being inattentive to others’  comments.





photoed by Linjie

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