As Limbs Fall, Creativity Rises

Written by Andrew Duran,

This past Thursday night at the Krannert Museum, I was able to witness a spectacle that was unlike anything I have seen before.

Photo by Andrew Duran.

“Limbs” was the featured performance of the night and, from the beginning, I had no idea what I would be getting myself into. The setup was an individual with multiple limbs (as the title is revealed later in the night) and as the music played I could not help but feel my heart race alongside the music.

As the performance progressed, the performer was twirling and swinging and it seemed to be one giant internal struggle. She was attached to a wire so there was only so far she could go before she’d be dragged back to where she begun but, nevertheless, she continued to try to free herself from her chains. As this continued, I found myself envisioning myself in her place.

Photo by Andrew Duran

The moment the performer began to remove her limbs was when I felt the most “in tune” with this performance. The sound the limb made when it hit the ground made my heart drop as it echoed throughout the silenced room.

In my eyes, the limbs that were connected to the performer symbolized the expectations and pressures that can be placed on anyone from friends, families, teachers, etc. The moment the performer began taking the steps to remove the limbs represented, in my eyes, the moment she began to take life in her hands. The removal of those expectations can be difficult in the moment but, after you let go of them, you feel this form of lightness that and freedom that is worth everything.

Photo by Andrew Duran

After the performance wrapped up, the performer and a couple other individuals came on out to give some clarifying thoughts of what we all witnessed. It was interesting to be able to hear other perspectives and how wide of a range they were. From identity to self struggles it´s been awesome to hear how it´s impacted those around me.

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