Know ourselves through the world

Written by Sihan Wang

In the beginning, it’s like magic the performer just keep tearing her arms and legs down, then sometimes hang herself upside down, it must be so hard to keep doing that, and the cage is definitely very strong so it’s possible for her to do such a performance. The background music was changing all the time to harmonize with her performance; the music was sometimes scary, sometimes slow, sometimes like thunder, sometimes like snow.

If I’m going, to be honest, I think the show is quite scary at the beginning; it’s like a ghost that couldn’t find his home. And that’s the amazing part of art; different people would interpret the meaning behind every piece of art differently. The performer or the artist are expressing their own feelings, emotions, and their own point of view of the world, with their own way of expressing them. But as for the audience, or someone just passing by a piece of artwork, through the performance or the artwork, the audience would have their own interpretation of the work, yet the interpretation that the audience has towards the artwork, was no more than what’s in their mind, their own feelings, their own point of view of the world. As the performance coming close to an end, the performer take off her sleeves, her pants and cloths one by one, and what’s inside of those clothes, was just a black suit. And then with the music went lighter and lighter; she just leaves the stage, walk out of the performing area. To me, it feels like a human finally give up the entire disguise that protecting him, and finally come back to the real, and true self. Because the limbs that she dragged down are empty, the material would probably be something that’s light, maybe even paper and the clothes she took off was just a suit.

This is a very unique experience, the performance was created by the performer, the artist who made the music, the people who set up the stage, people who control the lights, and the staff works in the museum who told us not to bring bags inside, and finally, the audiences. Everyone in this performing area created everything all we see and feel. This kind of harmony is unique in the world, one of a kind, it never happened before and never will happen again.

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