Dazed Paradox

Have you ever truly lived in the moment… Free of thought or even more important free of judgement?

By: Deja Cook- Reynolds

The performance by Erica Gressman: Limbs was, as I interpreted it, a performance about one living in the moment of their own skin. The shocking truth about how one isĀ  just ” in it”, skin, and how everyone else around them is observing, looking, and critiquing it, skin,
at an instance. So, there was this constant feeling of uneasiness for me as an audience member, because I continually thought about how people were looking at the artist and how the artist felt about herself. Her moments showed me that she was in conflict, more specially internal conflict, because her face was hidden. This came off to me as a struggle with racial identity, through the metallic costume she had on, that was then masked with more qualities that the artist had added to herself, the limbs. I thought of the limbs as capabilities that the artist used to prove herself, in her skin, as a valuable person. However as the performance goes on the artist starts to take off her limbs, which I viewed as her finally becoming satisfied with who she was without them, especially since this is where the hidden light in the performance was revealed. I felt like the artist was blooming, releasing the negative energy that could be going on in those around her minds, and accepting who she was herself. But then, the artist took me for another loop, because she pealed off her metallic skin, leaving nothing left but her in a full black body suit. I assume in resemblance of the process of her still trying to find herself as time go on. In fact, realizing at this very moment that this was just the beginning of her journey of discovery.

Krannert Art Museum


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