Silence in a Crowded Room

Written by Alyssa Pappas

Photo by A.Pappas

Last night I attended the Los Angeles Mast Chorale: Lagrime di San Pietro (Tears of St.Peter).  This eye-opening experience, truly showed me the impact that the silent pauses in between songs have on a performance.

Photo by A. Pappas

First of all, when the singers came out on stage, they were all wearing the color grey and none of them wore shoes.  I thought this to be a very interesting choice, due to the fact that whenever I view performances of this scale, at this type of venue, the performers always try to look professional.  So, this was definitely a different experience for me.


When they first began singing, I noticed that this group had an amazing blend.  Not a single voice stuck out and they all sounded like one single voice, which was so exciting to experience.  Then they began to move.


Throughout this performance, the group had different movements to go along with what they were singing.  These choreographed movements caught my eye.  Some were subtle and some were as dramatic as falling to the ground.  Certain movements, however, did make me a little uncomfortable because they would sometimes pair up and be extremely affectionate to one another and I felt as if I was invading their privacy.  Overall, I felt the movements did add a great effect on the performance and forced me to stay engaged the entire time.


The most impressive thing that I noticed throughout this show was how no matter what movements they did, their sound sounded exactly the same.  Having sung in the past, I know how hard breath control is just while singing in one place, but these people were moving all over the stage and were able to control their breathing flawlessly. The fact that they were able to throw themselves on the ground without inhibiting their sound was remarkable.


Photo by A.Pappas


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