A Wonderful Evening

I went to the Marcus Tardellis concert this eveing which provided me a brand new experience.

written by LinJie Yang

It is my first time attending a guitar concert this evening and I find so much difference between listening record at home and at listening in the concert hall.   

To begin with, let me talk about several pieces that I really like during the performance. One is the first piece which places me into a peaceful summer afternoon, and there is a river along with me. Another is the third piece,  I feel familiar with the rhythm, and then I realize that it is the piece I chose to play in a contest last year. 




Let’s talk about the difference. Firstly, attending the concert forces me to listen to the music vigorously. Regularly, it is impossible for me to listen to the music without doing anything else. I find myself being able to discover more from the music when I listen to it in a formal situation. Usually, I will only notice the rhythm of the piece. While when I sit in the concert, I will try to imagine the image fits for the piece.

Secondly,  a concert gives me an opportunity to encounter new music pieces. I am kind of person really do not like accept unfamiliar stuff, always putting several songs in repeat. I realize I miss pretty many impressive pieces because of my habit. Thus, going to the concert is a desirable complement to me.                                                            

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