Tentative Ears

Let the music paint the picture for you.

By: Deja Cook- Reynolds

I never realized how much more moving music was without the words to distract you. At home, I listen to music, but just as a way to keep my attention or my energy up as I do other things that indeed to more focus. The words of the music that I listen to at home, have no real meaning behind them; they are just words being said to fit a beat, a rhythm, a population of people.
But when listening to Marcus Tardelli play his guitar, it took me through an emotional revolution. Sometimes, the sounds were high tempo, joyous, a walk in a park as I saw it. I could imagine the kids running outside with laughter, the mothers talking, even the dogs playing as the strum of the guitar alluded the perfect scene of pure happiness. Then, when Tardelli played softly, I was almost in a self- love scene that screamed peace. I imagined myself at home, sitting in front of a warm fireplace with a mug filled with hot chocolate. There was a light rain in the background, as Tardelli made the guitar almost sound wet with some of his strums. I would lean my head back while sitting on the couch letting the room consume me as the sound of the guitar would become more intense at times or more sad, letting the emotions go through me that I already had in my head. I imagined that I would fall asleep on that couch with one tear rolling down my face, full of not despair, but fulfillment, joy, and peace.

Beyond my personal experience of the performance, I thought I was amazing how immersed the entire audience was. All eyes were on Tardelli, no one could look else where. It was like the music had the audience hooked by the ears. The silence in the room was indeed not and awkward one, nor one that just said that one was listening; the silence was processing sounds of everyone taking the strums of the guitar. The guitar was no longer just and instrument; it was a tool of knowledge, deeper knowledge that would lead one into an adventure of some sort.



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