Visual Music

As I entered the Great Hall, there was instructions about the way you should behave. I heard how you must turn off your phone, no pictures, no nothing, in which I completely agree with because that would be very

Photo by Maty Patino

disturbing to the rest of the audience. It is like being in the theater and seeing a person being on social media, might as well not go. While being at home, we do not get instructions on how to behave. One of the things I noticed was that in the program it did not say what songs he was going to play. It was a great experience because we do not know what to expect. When at home listening to music, we always know what song is coming up. However, at Tardelli’s concert, it was very intriguing not knowing what song he was going to play after.

When being on Spotify or apple music, you only get to listen to the singer’s voice. Unless you go on youtube and look at them recording their song, then you will get a feeling of how they felt during it. As I watched Tardelli, I was able to see his expressions and have a sense of what he felt like playing the song. Seeing the artist somehow made me feel as if I was playing the music. The faster he would play, or the “happier” the music, the more he would move. Tardelli would hardly look at what he was playing, which made me think that everything was coming from the heart.  He was expressing himself through music. Some of us do not need words, but sounds.

Photo by Maty Patino

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