Marcus Tardelli: The Energy of Music

Written by: Nora Guerrero

Watching and listening to Marcus Tardelli from the center of the auditorium, my attention was completely captivated by his intricate playing of the guitar. When one listens to music at home, the multiple instruments in a song can get lost. Viewing Tardelli live however, there was only one instrument in focus.

Although there was only one instrument, it often sounded like there were at least two. Occasionally the pitch would get lower, and higher at the same time. The echos of the deeper strums lingered while the higher pitched strums followed. It created a beautiful dance in the notes. As stated in the tour of the Krannert Center, the symmetrical architecture within the interior brought Tardelli as the center focus as the walls cascaded and fell in line behind him. Tardelli occasionally stopped in between songs to explain the artist he was covering and his influences. After every song, the audience clapped and awaited the next song. Some members were very enthusiastic and exclaimed “Bravo!” to Tardelli.

Tardelli brought power and fire to the concert hall, filling the space with each strum of the guitar. With every song, it became more and more intricate and complex. He was able to manipulate the strings and the body of the guitar to extend the notes into the air. It was an art performance as much as a music performance.

Before his finally song, Tardelli thanked the audience for their energy because it helped feed his own and the music. Finally, he stood and bowed, and the audience gave him a standing ovation. He walked out as the audience continued to applaud. He returned for one last encore song. Perhaps, the energy called him.


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