Marcus Tardelli: The Passion of Guitar

Written by Tim Gao

Photo by Tim Gao

Last night, at Krannert Center for Performing Art, there was a guitar concert performed by a Brazilian genius, called Marcus Tardelli. When he was still a child, his talents of guitar started to show up. Marcus Tardelli likes to listen and memorize all of the notes about the song. After that, he will replay the song he heard and even ask his teacher for more songs. Because of Tardelli’s extraordinary ability in guitar, he started to give concerts in this hometown. Since then, Tardelli started to listen to more genres of music, such as symphony orchestras, jazz, European classical, and Brazilian music. He perfectly combines the music with other genres of music from the world, to give the audience an idea that how amazing guitar could be. The show in the Foellinger Great Hall was a rare opportunity to witness all of these.

A guitar and an object for him to sit on are all he needs to perform the concert. The concert in the Foellinger Great Hall was completely different from the music I listen to at home. Because of the wide and spacious building structure with special timber on both side of the walls. All of the sounds in the hall was enlarged, that people even can hear the sound of turning a string. Any music performed here were untreated, which provides the audience with a special opportunity to listen to the purest music in the world.

When the eyes are closed, people can feel they are all surrounded by the beautiful music. It feels like the guitar is just in front of you, even it was actually far away from me. Unlike the headphones, listening to the concert in the hall gives people a solemn feeling, which attracts people to listen more carefully and respectfully to the music.

The concert last night was quite memorable. Tardelli does not only gives people more experience with diverse music but also uses the guitar to communicate with people there. He showed people his hometown and his miraculous guitar career.

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