The Barriers Between Us: Kennedy Browne, The Special Relationship

Written by Alyssa Pappas

Photo by A.Pappas

There are many things and contributing factors in which make everyone their own individual. Some of these differing factors can act as barriers connecting us.

Photo by A.Pappas

While, observing the different pieces within this exhibit. There was this video in which 167 different people who spoke different languages said the same monologue. This was extremely interesting to watch because a majority of the languages that were spoken, I have never even heard of before, let alone knew what they were.  I felt as if this could’ve been a representation of one of the barriers from bringing people together.


Photo by A.Pappas

Another thing that could potentially act as a barrier of bringing people together are previous experiences or traumas.  In a part of this exhibit there was a video on the diagnosis of a patient of post-traumatic stress disorder. Throughout this video, it took me through the series of questions that a psychologist would ask a patient to diagnose PTSD. I was extremely interested in this part of the exhibit because it had a spooky aspect to it that left an eerie feeling with me.


The next two things that I encountered that resonated with me was the single pill on a pedestal and an interactive tour of a small town in Ireland.

Photo by A.Pappas

Photo by A. Pappas










I believed that these two things also had the connections of barriers, by the drugs representing addiction, which is a known barrier to personal relationships as well as future success.  And the interactive experience explained the difficult connection between Europe and North America and spoke about the data communication struggles between different countries.


Throughout my experience with witnessing “The Special Relationship”, in my head I almost thought of it as the ‘difficult’ relationship.  I felt that many pieces of the exhibit had the potential to represent the struggles of connecting people as well as what leads to these struggles.  That is just my interpretation of it, but overall, I really enjoyed my night and allowing myself to remain open to my own interpretations.

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