Marcus Tardelli: Master Guitarist

Marcus Tardelli performs a masterful solo performance at the Krannert Center.

Written by: Bill Xun

Photo by Bill Xun

On Wednesday night, Marcus Tardelli performed a solo set consisting of arrangements of classical pieces and traditional Brazilian pieces. It was easy to see the passion that he plays with from the beginning of the first piece. From slow melodic pieces to fast skillful pieces, it was never a dull moment at the performance.

The music from the performance was a stark contrast to to the music I listen at home, where it’s usually for background music. Music while driving. Music while studying. Music while eating. I never pay too much attention to the music, and it’s often just from a playlist. The music here was  from one guitar and nothing else, so all your attention is focused on the single melody from the guitar. You begin to hear the subtleties in the pieces, and how the performer can express so many different things with just six strings.

Photo by Bill Xun

The only items on the stage was a single stool and a table, and it made the stage seem vast and open. It was the first time I’ve been to a concert with a single performer — no set, no backup artists, no accompanying players. Here, it was just Marcus Tardelli and his guitar, which made the performance seem much more intimate. When he played the guitar, the sound managed to fill the huge concert hall, bouncing off all the walls so you heard the music from all directions. And when he stopped, you could clearly hear the silence, only coughs from the audience echoing across the hall.

The performance was also very personal; the pieces were selected by Marcus himself, and he introduced each piece with a description of not only the music, but also his own experiences and his personal story behind the music. It gave a glimpse into the performer himself, and you could clearly see the years of work put into the guitar from his technique. You could somehow hear not one, but many voices in the compositions that he made.


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