How Tardelli changed the way I feel about live performed music.

Written by Thomas Kirkendall

Marcus Tardelli gives an amazing guitar performance  at the wonderful Krannert center on October 3rd 2018.  Every couple years the Krannert center has an event known as Ellnora this guitar festival lasts three days and brings great musicians around the world to the Krannert center.

The performance by the Brazilian guitarist, Marcus Tardelli, was not like any other concert or even like listening to music on your own time at home. This performance was different because Personally I feel like when Mr.. Tardelli plays his guitar its a meaning behind how he plays and why he plays and its up to the listener to either figure it out, or interpret it in their own way and take something from it. Usually, when I listen to music on my own time I don’t look for a meaning behind the songs I listen to, I just listen for the pure enjoyment of different sounds and I’d sing along. When listening inside The Great Fullinger Hall you really realize the difference between live music and pre recorded music. listening to the Live music played by Tardelli¬† made me feel like the only thing that mattered most in that specific moment was his fingers and the guitar strings. I couldn’t stop to think about anything outside of the auditorium, whereas when listening to music at home generally ends up being background music to some task I’m about to do. Going to this Performance really opened my interest in live music played with instruments and going to live performances.


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