The Journey of Self Discovery

Written by Andrew Duran,

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to enter the mind of Kenneth Browne and the world he left behind. 

Image by Andrew Duran

As you can see through the image provided above, a virtual reality set was provided with the goal to take its participants into a separate world in order to engage in thoughtful reflection. As I put on the headset, I was skeptical to what I was entering into as it seemed the world I knew had taken a pause in time. The question that was proposed was regarding the morality of humans and whether we would be inclined to do the right thing if nobody was watching us. It was an interesting thought to have as society has formed the way we behave and think so, if you are free of the expectations of society, what would you do then?

Photo by Andrew Duran

A video was shown throughout the exhibit about a young boy referring to the sermon on the mount given by Jesus Christ. Throughout this video, I obtained a sense that this individual was looking for something more than his current reality. If I was to put myself in the mindset of the boy in the video, there was certainly a feeling of longing to find what couldn’t be found. This desire translated to the individual transitioning into tinkering with objects and creating things by hand.

Image by Andrew Duran

One of my favorite pieces in the exhibit was, surprisingly, this crib. At face value, one may only see a crib that was taken apart. However, if you continue to explore and analyze the crib you begin to find an individual who was looking to build something much more than what was in front of him. This piece left me in a state of awe since how much do we begin to look at an object beyond the way it is currently presented to us? When I saw this crib, it screamed an individual searching for answers.

Image by Andrew Duran

Image by Andrew Duran

Posted above are more insightful pieces of the exhibit. Realizing that the meaning of an image or presentation could be completely different for the person standing right next to you is astounding.

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