Marcus Tardelli: Magic of Music

Written by Zhenbang Wu.

Photo by Zhenbang Wu

At that moment, it is not about the audience nor the great hall, but only about him, Marcus Tardelli, and his magic guitar.

On October 5, 2018, Marcus Tardelli performed a guitar solo at Foellinger Great Hall, Krannert Center for the Performance Arts at Illinois. He performed several pieces ranging from classical Brazil music to traditional American music. During his performance, we could feel his passion for music: it seemed like he was not playing guitar, but he was introducing one of his old friends, and one of his loves to us. Rather than a musician, he was more like a magician, showing the magic of guitar to us.

I have always been enjoying listening to the guitar. But this live performance was completely different from my experience of listening to music at home. When listening to music at home, I am the protagonist: the music is about me. I can choose to do anything while listening to the music. However, attending a concert is a different experience. When the lights are turned off, it is not about us, the audience anymore. It is all about the musician and his/her music. This is the time you really respect the music, pay attention listening to them, and think about the meaning behind them. This is the time you experience the magic of music.

At that moment, when Marcus Tardelli plucked the string of his guitar, our time does not belong to us anymore. Every audience gave 60 minutes out of their lifetime to Tardelli to listening to his music. And everyone would have their interpretation of the meaning behind the music. That is the magic of music.

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