Peaceful but powerful

Written by Xuan Huynh

On Wednesday night, I got the opportunity to witness an amazing guitarist, Marcus Tardelli, perform classical and Brazilian songs at the Krannert Center. Marcus was the only person on stage, but the passion he displayed while playing his guitar made the performance dramatic but still very relaxing. The music I typically listen to make me feel important because it’s relatable and it contains lyrics that focus on the audience. I felt the complete opposite way at Marcus’s performance. He did not once acknowledge the audience while playing the guitar. His emotions and body movement were moving with his strings as one, and it was enjoyable to watch because I was witnessing a connection between him and his love. With that being said, this experience of listening to music made me pay more attention to him as an artist instead of my own personal desires.

Furthermore, while I was watching and listening to him play on the empty stage, I couldn’t help but visualize a dance performance or scene that would compliment his sound. The setting and his performance encourage me to use my imagination a lot more than I usually do while listening to music because there weren’t any distractions. Most of the time, the lyrics of a song make me think about a certain event or anything that relates to the music so that distracts me from thinking about ideas that can praise the sound. Also, sometimes when I’m listening to music is when I’m doing a silent activity and because of that, most of my attention is on the other task so I don’t have the time to create ideas from the melody.

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