Solo Guitarist: Marcus Tardelli

The performance on last Wednesday was an amazing experience for me. Most of the performances I have been to are orchestras or musicals that have more of a complex composition than the solo guitar performance. Honestly, seeing only one performer on stage was uncommon for me and monotonous at first, but then it was enjoyable to see how engaged he was in his guitar and his music.

What seperates the live performance and listening to music at home was the experience. Seeing the musician basking in the pure joy of the music, observing how he plays the instrument and feeling the ambience inside Follienger’s Great Hall makes the whole experience unique. Also, what I noticed from the music pieces Marcus Tardelli played was that none of those are catchy. Compared to pop music that catch your ear in the first five seconds, the ones he played were more classic.

Although I have zero knowledge about the guitar, I could tell that he had perfect control of the guitar and is a true master. However, I did wish that I knew more about the guitar so that I would fully appreciate his talent and efforts. If it was a pianist’s performance, I¬†would be way more enthralled than this performance. One fun thing was that, after the performance and on our way out, an old lady told me she was wondering how classic guitars and electric guitars differ. I said I had no idea, but I liked her thought. In general, it was still a fun night at the KCPA.

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