The Charming City of Chicago

Written by Emily Reeter

I think the artists tried to represent the passion, hustle, and chaos of the city with their illustrations of masses of people and vibrant colors. In one of the paintings they showcased all of the city’s people walking in a crowded downtown area.  It was unique because each and every person was dressed in something unique and bold.  I liked that painting the most because it really represented all the different cultures emerging in the city.  One of the reasons I like cities like Chicago so much is because of the diversity they bring and the different cultural influences they have throughout the city.   I thought this painting did a good job of showing the diversity with the different apparel choices and through the different directions everyone is headed.  Other paintings focused on the skyscrapers and exhibited the beautiful architecture of the Windy City.  I loved how modern and state-of-the-art, yet realistic all of the buildings looked.  I think the combination of the skyscrapers and hustling people paint a good picture of the hustling life of the city.  It’s a beautiful city with endless opportunities, but filled with an array of people from all different backgrounds that are all restless and ambitious to make something out of the assets supplied to them in this magical place. I drew my own illustration of my vision of the sun rising over the city, but the residents are already up moving.  They are on their way to make their impact and mark on this city before the sun has even risen over these skyscrapers.  It’s a city of art, ambition, and an array of residents with different backgrounds.



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